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The skinny and the fat

March 17, 2018

montami e basta

The soldier was about to be rewarded for his efforts. They told him to wait, fully naked, in a room. Some heavy metal music was playing. They told him that this reward will teach him a lot about himself.

A beautiful, svelte model entered the room. Her body was a dream of curves, toned skin and blonde hair. Her hips were probably a generous 44 inches, with long legs. The man enjoyed that dreamy vision. It felt like in a movie.

But she did not immediately catch his body’s attention. She had to work for it, dance around him, and provoke him.

Then, after this skinny girl, Sadie came out.

As she walked out, the hundreds of pounds of junk in her trunk jiggled and bounced literally everywhere. His body this time was immediately interested. Uncontrollably so.

“You like my junk, uh?”

Every time Sadie would go closer to him, he pulsated desire.

“Massage it…”

His hands disappeared inside one buttock. It was a giant blob of fat. As he experienced her fatness, the slim curvaceous model approached him, kissing him, caressing him down there. She licked his girth and tasted how excited he was. He had the kind of passion that only a hungry soldier can have.

She exploited his passion with no guilt.

And somehow she felt impregnated.

But she noticed that he did not come because of her, but rather by being buried into one of Sadie’s hips. His face was suckling the abundance of her breeding hips. That’s how he came. And she noticed how that wide load was keeping him hard.

He was a beast in heat, and that gave her pleasure.

When she pulled out, he threw himself onto Sadie, who was calling him by name. She pushed him against the wall with the giant mass of her butt. She had so much fat on her ass that even if he was grabbing onto it with his whole hands, he was still pushed around by the giant lakes on her buttocks, whose waves were tall and splashy. He came again, like that, and this time his body felt like it was melting into the ocean of her curves.

SuperDome Booty, as large as a soft, plushy bed

August 10, 2011

SuperDome Booty ultra wide hips
(photo is (c)

Do you realize that it’s a Queen size bed? Lying between those hips must feel like home.

Vi rendete conto che e’ un letto matrimoniale? Come vi sentireste in mezzo a quelle coscione immense cosi’ piene di cellulite?

The heaps on the hips of Olivia Pearadise

December 22, 2009

Olivia Pearadise is endowed with very large hips. Her thighs and hips are generously filled with softness and abundance, that her worshippers will love and adore daily. I know that for sure even if I’ve never seen the bareness of her cellulite: Olivia has the kind of fat curves that leaves no room for misunderstandings.

Probably because of the large chunks of meat on the tip of her cow sized haunches, her overstretched garments never seem able to contain the bursting nature of her flesh, which often appear to bubble up on top of her hips. Her motherly pear-shaped curves are probably a lake of jiggling opulence that quivers and bounces all over the place as she walks.

I noticed the fatness of her thighs emerges through the fabric of her pants in many occasions. This is indeed an invaluable reassurance for the casual admirer that happens to see her, either in dreams or in a material vision. Immediately he will know She is a prosperous and truly fat woman able to nourish his breed for an eternity of life.

(Thanks to Northern Goddess for letting me know about Olivia Pearadise)

Farrah the Earth Goddess

September 15, 2009


In this photo Farrah Foxx really looks like a Earth Goddess. She is exactly how I imagine it to be: really voluptuous, with a warm reassuring smile, rich dark complexion and fluent black hair, with cozy arms and large nourishing breasts, that recall the time when you were born.

And finally the wide, opulent fatness of her hips, where all life begins.

Photo is courtesy of (c)

Dig into Asshley’s large pillows

August 28, 2009


I want to dig into those mountains…

(Photo (c) courtesy of

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