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Parliamo di cosce…

November 9, 2014

Parliamo di cosce… non ho mai discusso della bellezza della coscia femminile, specie quando esaltata da grassi volumi di cellulite. Una bellezza fatta di carne e abbondanza, perchè la coscia è una delle aree del corpo dedicata interamente alla carne, sia essa muscolo o grasso opulento. Una bellezza che ha la libertà di smodare, di essere smodata, ma anche di s-moda-re, di andare oltre le apparenze e i sentimenti passeggeri per coinvolgere la passione in modo eterno, di più e oltre.

Prendete Farrah Foxx, per esempio.

La bellissima Farrah continua a ingrassarsi. Le sue cosce sono spessissime. Sono grasse e obese e trasudano cellulite, con tutti quei gnocchi e quei crateri. Se toccate l’immagine dovreste vederne una ad alta risoluzione, che mostra la grassezza delle sue gambone. Poi e’ pure alta, quindi quelli sono veri e propri letti di carne. La pienezza delle forme è confermata dai suoi fianchi molto alti e ricolmi.


Parlando di altezza, come si fa a non nominare SuperDome, già eletta Fat Curvy Queen qualche tempo fa. Una donna il cui punto piu’ carnoso sono proprio le cosce, lunghissime e grassissime. Una gigantessa felliniana, dalla carnagione vellutata e le curve infinite, la cui altezza (piú di un metro e novanta) nasconde nelle foto la sua vera stazza.


Oh, abundant big thigh lady…

July 13, 2013


oh cosciona grassa… now that’s a thigh. Round and full of fat. So much fat that one thigh is bigger than the rest of her body. She’s showing her huge thigh to let you admire how fat she is. How fat she got. You should nourish her, and massage her giant legs. That huge slab of cellulite.

I wonder what’s your name, beautiful legs lady, so sensual and mysterious. And so well endowed. An abundance of curves, abundance of beauty. Abundance of thigh. What’s your name, bellissima cosciona?

DirtyLittleDiva mountains

September 24, 2010

I don’t remember if I already posted this picture in the past or not, but I don’t care. It is just so erotic.

I love Dirty Little Diva’s legs and hips. I can’t imagine a straight guy not being turned on by a vision like that, no matter what his tastes in women are. Nicole has something for everyone. She has long shapely legs (who doesn’t like that?) and a tall round booty, but at the same time she has a ton of meat to play with. A ton. But even if you are into skinny women, wouldn’t you want to experiment with something different at least once? I think curves like Nicole’s would “convert” you once you see in front of you such bold mountains and valleys.

Personally, I think that’s the Arch of Heaven. I’d love to stand beneath all that beautiful, beautiful cellulite, and squeeze it in my hands. If you want more flesh, you can always climb to the top and dive into her big, wide, fat hips. Her buttocks are abundantly overflowing.

And I think she has recently gained more beauty in her already big trunk.

(photos are (c) by

In case you didn’t notice, Thunder gained

July 26, 2010

(photos are (c)

She is all legs

She is all legs

Yes, even I didn’t notice but it truly looks true. Thunder, probably the girl with the most incredible waist/hips ratio (28/78) definitely appears like she added a bunch of meat to her already impressive curves. Look at those thighs… have you ever seen a leg that… long? Because I already know that you probably never seen a thigh that fat. We all know that.

Her hips apparently now are 101 inches packed with the creamiest lard. A lot of lard.

Questa maialona da monta ha 256 cm di fianchi.

The Dance of the Black Fertility Goddess

May 1, 2010

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A big black Goddess dances to initiate us to the Fertility ritual. She has overdeveloped breasts, to nourish her people with her whole milk. She has very large thighs, adorned with pillows of cellulite.

As she twirls around she shows everyone the pride of being so fat and curvy. Her followers bow and award her with gifts and fine foods from the harvest, in the hope she will allow them to partake in her sumptuousness.

Indeed, a few lucky individuals are sometimes chosen at every ceremony, which happens many time a year. They are to get on their knees, fully naked, and oblige the Goddess. They lick and caress, tap and dig into her flesh, in a carefree fashion, enjoying the mounds of Divine Lard she is endowed with.

In addition, between these adorers, one male is selected every year. There are no rules to comply with in order to be selected, as it is entirely at the Goddess discretion. The Chosen One is tied to a bench, where he lays down showing the size of his erection to everyone. His arms and legs are tied. The Goddess proceeds in a slow dance, until she opens up her legs, gets on top of him and squats, right where his penis is. She repeats the movement, slowly and deeply, while everybody watches with envy. Her body is his temple, and he prays with his screams of pleasure.

A few lucky individuals are untied during the ritual. That’s when the Goddess feels the Chosen one is Generous. Generous males are believed to give birth to the most beautiful girls. As she sits on top of him, his hands lustfully dig into her buttocks to invite her closer, and receive everything he has to offer.

He lifts and squeezes her copious Lard and sings praises to her Opulence, while she moves so that the crowd can see him grabbing her and the heavy mountains of her nice meat.

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