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Lo splendore di Airabella

May 29, 2016

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La meraviglia del grasso di Airabella
Le mammelle gravide di latte
Le cosce trapuntate di cellulite
L’ampiezza dei suoi fianchi, accoglienti come un letto matrimoniale
Il lardo, ovunque, florido e abbondante

Lady Seductress, a Premium BBW… large as a twin size bed

April 8, 2011

Piu’ grassa di un letto e mezzo… la seduttrice piena di cellulite: larga, morbida, confortevole, le cosce cariche di lardo burroso.

Let her envelope you

The compressed fat of a Diamond

February 12, 2011

(photo is (c)

The relatively lean shape of her arms and shoulder gives way to the sumptuous opulence of a true pear shaped home.
The big, bulging pillows of cellulite are pressed against each other. An easy way to show off the abundance of your fat. Diamond’s is incredibly pure on the lower half of her body.
The multiple layers of lard are proudly displayed in the wonderful expanse of her hips, as well as on the length of her thighs, magnificently decorated.

And the adept pays homage to such softness.

Farsi largo tra le cosce di Asshley

January 26, 2011

Such wonderful, meaty, extra soft thighs...

(photo is (c)

Mamma che belle… mi voglio fare largo in mezzo a tutto quel generoso grasso. Voglio aggrapparmi ai suoi fianchi, avvinghiandomi alle sue spropositate maniglie dell’amore. Sono talmente abbondanti che oltre che amore c’e’ passione travolgente, desiderio, vita, immortalita’. Mi voglio spingere lì in mezzo, nuotarci dentro, amare ogni loro anfratto. Accarezzare la loro superficie, crogiolandomi sull’abbondanza delle tue montagnette di cellulite, ovunque.

I love the fat of your thighs, Asshley. I love how bubbly it is, how generous and copious. I hope your lover pushes himself between those magnificent legs. I hope he makes love to them. I hope he cherishes their immense opulence, and every little nodule of cellulite. Please continue to feed them this well, over and over, and even more, again.

Mounting Large’n’Lovely, her big lard-ridden ass, the mountain of flesh you can grab onto

December 28, 2010

(the image is (c) of Large’n’Lovely)

Wow. I’ve been staring at this pic for 10 minute straight, completely lost into the incredible beauty, and I am mesmerized by just how beautiful really fat hips can look. I can almost feel my hand touching those two big bulky mountains of flesh. I can almost feel the softness, the sense of infinity — can you imagine to put a hand right in the center of one of those enormous buttocks? There’s a lot of flesh around you. And it’s a big mountain of lard, your hand easily sinks in.

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