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For big hips models: make a video like this!

March 8, 2014

Asshley's huge fleshy hips

If you are a big booty model with very soft hips, this post is for you…. I think all fat booty lovers would love it if you made a video of you squeezing your hips while you’re sitting down like @BigBootyAsshley in the picture…

OPULENZIA: the Tenth Chapter

December 18, 2013


Previous Chapter

I was still sitting down on the couch, my lap covered in a lake of Carmela’s healthy waters as well as my own semen. In front of me, the bottom-heavy hourglass of my aunt’s body.
She stepped back a bit after mating with me. Step after step, the squishy fat on her thighs and hips jiggled all over. The movements of her cellulite looked slower and deeper than before, as if mating with me made her meat softer. It was like waves in a sea of butter. Desiderio, voglia di succhiare. Her large breasts were still oozing milk.

I couldn’t stop looking at her legs. As I reached over to touch myself, she moved closer. She offered her thighs, one more time.

Stringimele,” she said.

I loved to grab her fat. I loved to fill my hands with it. She had so much of it.

She just stood there, as I fondled her as I wanted.  She loved to see me so aroused, I think. She indulged on another pastry. She was insatiable, that big piggy.

She lifted a leg and put her foot on the couch. The giant mass of her thigh was now right in front of me. It’s as if she said, “Here, take all of it!”

As she kept eating, I kept indulging on her flesh. The inside of her thigh was something unbelievably soft. It was going to melt in my hands, like the fattest mortadella.

“Do you like to touch my fat?”

I answered by squeezing her some more. My hands disappeared into her opulence.

Ora succhialo,” Carmela said.


Oh My Giantess Jae!

June 23, 2013


This photo really shows off Jae’s incredible fatness and how comfortable she is with it. Her boobs are bulging out of her bra; her belly covers her panties; and her thighs are covered by multiple layers of pure cellulite. Her long legs are never-ending.

And so she stands up, arching her bust like a Goddess, putting the giant girth of her thighs in our faces. She knows she has more meat and more curves than most girls. Her copious cellulite almost pops out of the screen, with all those dimples and magnificent craters.

Jae, I wish I could reach you and caress you, massage the flesh on your thighs, for hours and hours.

And I hope you wear skirts often because legs like yours are to die for.

Kim Rogers SSBBW super jiggly walk

June 9, 2013

This is the amazing Kim Rogers aka Miss Hollywood Texas. She is a Goddess endowed with very fat hips. They jiggle wildly as she walks across the lot in her platform shoes. Men stare at her very feminine curves. Her hips are soft and full of life, with lots of meat to play with. Can you imagine slap those bulging hips and see all that junk move. It’s pure cellulite. A mountain of jiggly beauty.

I can see teenagers getting hard as she passes by. All those hormones, and all these curves. And what if she walks right next to them, so they hear the sound of her cellulite as it bounces. She stops in front of one, the shiest one, and she lets him touch her. Everybody looks at him as puts a hand right on her hip, and moves the big mound.

It’s so soft he can’t believe it.

A guy who’s known to like skinny models reaches over. Kim lets him touch her hips only once. She is only for the shy boy. Noone else is allowed to mess with her.

The chosen lover can’t stop touching her. His hands are all over her curves. He goes from the hips into the gulf of her waist. He’s never seen that kind of curves. He indulges on the booty shelf. It’s so big and chunky. So beautiful to pat.

As he’s seduced by those curves, she bends over a bit and smothers his body gently, against the wall. She has so much padding it’s like a caress. His erected penis in particular pushes against her watery opulence and disappears in it. Her fat is heavy and beautiful. It keeps moving, and bouncing, and moving, and massages him. The bubbles of cellulite are visible through her dress. Soon he comes, holding onto the girth of her massive hips.

Her Epicurean abundance fully contains his spasms of pleasure.

Tokyo Rose 2: thighs you can grab onto

June 2, 2013

(image is (c) bighotbombshells)

I keep looking at Tokyo Rose’s thighs. She must have the fattest thighs I’ve ever seen. She is tall (5’9″), too, so her proportions are truly amazing. She has really long, fat thighs. What’s their measures? 45″ each perhaps?

I love that when she goes doggie style her huge fat thighs protrude so much. I can see myself behind her, grabbing the meat in front of her thighs, fondling it with gusto as I make love to her. I would just adore those fat rolls of pure cellulite all the time. You know, I would slap your big thigh a bit, just to see it jiggle and to feel its softness. A slap and a grab, and then a bigger grab, or even just opening my palm on that huge, soft mound of meat. Holding on to that abundance as I push myself in. There’s so much to grab on those thighs, my dear. I mean, come on, do you caress your own thighs when you’re about to come? Hey if you do, I would understand!! How can you not, really? :)

Your curves can resuscitate the dead!


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