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Truly gigantic and massive ass

April 7, 2018

First of all, who is the beautiful Woman in this clip?

Her ass is like a beautiful white mountain of beauty. Her proportions compared to the male lover mating with her are awe-inspiring.

More than 4 times thicker.

She is endowed with large mounds of flesh. She knows her lovers will inevitably lose themselves in them. Her gigantic ass will jiggle at every little movement of her body.

And so the question stands: who is the beautiful Goddess in this video?

For big hips models: make a video like this!

March 8, 2014

Asshley's huge fleshy hips

If you are a big booty model with very soft hips, this post is for you…. I think all fat booty lovers would love it if you made a video of you squeezing your hips while you’re sitting down like @BigBootyAsshley in the picture…

KayaNee and BODacious Roxxie: Earth Goddesses

June 10, 2009
4 belle coscione e dei bei fianchi colmi di grasso: queste sono le nuovi Veneri in cui noi crediamo

4 belle coscione e dei bei fianchi colmi di grasso: queste sono le nuovi Veneri in cui noi crediamo

The generosity of a Earth Goddess often shines in many ways. Such a Goddess is most caring and welcoming, always willing to help with her big heart. And with such Warmth and Generosity comes great Sensuality, Beauty, and Flesh. The purifying, nurturing fattest flesh.

“Il grasso di questi fianchi strapieni è del più morbido,” soglievano dire le dee nel loro antico linguaggio, used to say the Goddesses in their ancient language, meaning “The fat of these hips is the softest ever, and it’s the prize for your hard work.” Then they would tap the creamiest part of those hips to maximize the jiggling display of their bodies. There was no competition between them: on the contrary, each Goddess would often sing the praises of the others, together with the subjects, making each other feel more beautiful then ever. Augmenting each other beauties. Like a big giant family, sharing communal love.

And then they would say, “prendetene un bel gnocco, stringendo e spiascicando bene le bolle di cellulite tra le vostre dita”, “grab a good chunk, and squeeze well all the bubbles of cellulite between your fingers.” The generosity of the Goddesses is vast.

The less enlightened souls of the subjects, however, would go through a first level of primordial, uneducated, yet deeply sincere choice. An initial preference. A strategy for the instinct of reproduction.

If you loved to indulge yourself with very fleshy thighs, adorned with creases of copious cellulite, you would devote your offerings to BODacious Roxxie. You would place them right there, on the vast hilly space you like the most: her abundantly meaty thighs. You should plant richness where richness you love most. The fullness of her thighs will form a large bed where those natural gifts can grow and be assimilated in the best way, and forever.

If you instead require a wider overall space, with back storage large enough for the long run, you will probably devote your offerings to KayaNee, and you will place them on her bulbuous, balloon styled hips. The heaping bowls bulging on her sides provide that extra space for a big, long lasting amount of nourishment. The squishy fatness of her hips will keep you going for an eternity.

And so through your sweat and their luxuries, you will be granted centuries of prosperity, and the most tender love.

(Photo is (c)

Oedipus and Kelly Shibari’s pillows

May 25, 2009
Lie between my pillows of flesh

Lie between my pillows of flesh

The oedipal seduction that BBWs (or some BBWs) can exert on their lovers has always fascinated me. The softness of the curves, the smoothness of their skin, the many bulges of their bodies… I always felt “at home” with a BBW. When my woman hugs me, presses her body against mine, or when she wraps her plump arms around my neck, allowing me to dive into her fleshy, enveloping boobs… it’s a unique feeling. It makes you feel small and big at the same time, protected yet powerful. All that flesh around you is like a nest you want to be in forever, you want to feel the fat jiggling all around you and thrive in that pillowy garden.

I never had this feeling with a skinny woman.

(Photo is (c) Kelly Shibari)

The boys love my tits

May 10, 2009

Glenda Rider of Baltimore, and her amazing bustier

At the recent inaguration night of the Mayflower Hotel some of the people invited dressed up as I like. Glenda Rider, a BBW, executive director of International Ms. Leather exposed copious amounts of beautiful mammary flesh. The Huffington Post said that “her bosoms [were] floating like fleshy pillows above a taffeta bustier that was a marvel of structural engineering.” And she added, “The gay boys love my tits.” Glenda, I can assure you, not just the gay boys love your fat tits. They are truly beautyful.

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