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Superdome hips… che fianchi!

November 1, 2010

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Halloween has been an incredible sunny day here in California. Isn’t this supposed to be a scary, gloomy day? In any case, it was gorgeously bright, with such a clear, crisp light. There’s something about those days of Autumn that for some reason are inexplicably bright, as if it was Spring, but with fallen leaves on the grass. There’s a strange will to live, with a very proactive coziness.

I was at my friend Giovanni for a full Halloween day. When I got there, mid afternoon, kids had already been running around everywhere the whole afternoon, probably because of the charming weather. I was helping him prep the decorations and snacks. We were drinking wine and having a good time, when I overheard the door-bell ring. Unfortunately, I was too busy talking with Dionysus to care to pay attention. Too bad.

A few minutes later I turned my head to Giovanni, and found him already staring at me, as if something of utmost importance just happened. He looked breathless.

“What is it, man?” I ask him with curiosity.

Mamma mia, did you see her?” He said anxiously, but with a big smile on his face.

“No, who?” I continued to question him with increased interest.

The ample, classy volumes of Queen Afon

January 30, 2010

I can see how Afon can easily seduce her men. She hits them with a double whammy of class and sincere, primitive lust. Opposites do attract, but rarely with so much harmony.

In case you don’t know Afon, she is a Goddess stimulating intense Size Obsession. After all, with volumes like hers, one can only become healthily obsessed about curves and wide, ample softness.

She lives in a dark dungeon, yet a very elegant and classy dungeon. In fact, the first time I saw Afon I saw an image of elegance. I admired the warm colors, such as the bright Tyrian Purple adorning her vest, a color that only a Queen can wear with such nonchalance. I loved the black of the bustier and I adored the shiny earthy brown of her skin, softer than velvet, drawing opulent curves right under my eyes. She is not trying to make you turn your head, she just is that way, inevitably. Generously elegant.

We can imagine the way she walks. The plunging cleavage does nothing to hide the heavy, watery Motherliness of her chest and all of its bursting beauty. Are you going to look or not? I am going to. I’ll stare the softness of the plunging neck line, feeling my mouth getting wet. Until all of a sudden I feel hungry. I enjoy her curves, traveling all over the hills and the lakes, the flesh and the milky moos, and then I’m driven right there, between those two big mountains of flesh.

From elegance to lust, smoothly. As it should always be.

It feels like my new home. It’s soft and plush, like pillows of flesh. The fleshiness of her breasts reminds me of an ancient home, and in there I dive. First I squeeze, then I lick. She has so much flesh. She whispers me she got fatter because every Queen worth her name must be a generous provider, if she wants to be the best ruler. Knowing that I love a lot of meat, she watches my erection grow, hugging me into her fat boobs. They jiggle like balloons full of whole milk. Last thing I know she even lowers her bra, exposing a full ocean of boobs.

She jumps on top of me and she rides me like I was a horse. She makes sure to jiggle her huge tits in front me, putting my hands onto her flesh. She fucks my erection with lust, bouncing on my lap, making her milk balloons shake out of their confinement. They splash on my face, and I suck like a hungry child. I feel like telling her who’s the boss, slapping her thighs while her imposing figure is towering me. As I squeeze her juicy legs I let her touch my cock. I want her to feel how much I truly want her. Pervertedly, I slip out only to poke her clit with my cock and rub it a number of times, holding her by her large hips. Slowly but fast I can feel my body get warmer and warmer and it’s at that time that she puts a nipple into my mouth, squeezes a river of milk out of it. My whole male body snaps back into her and erupts wildly, right when I am inundated. We jolt and spasm, while we hug, squeeze and kiss. I sway, unable to stop licking her infinite charms, suckling beauty into myself.

Therefore, hopefully you will trust me when I tell you that you can lose yourself into Afon’s sumptuous, elegant waves, knowing the softness under your tongue is the richest, deepest feeling you can possibly experience.

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L’abbondante silhouette di Peaches La Rue

October 24, 2009


Ma che bella signora dalle forme prosperose… abbondante di seno e molto generosa nei fianchi. Ha l’aria esigente, di chi si vuol fare palpare le cosce.

(photo is (C) courtesy of Peache La Rue)

Jenni, che valle di lardo che hai messo su…

July 8, 2009
Such a wonderful and poetic soft bed of fleshy beauty...

Such a wonderful and poetic soft bed of fleshy beauty...

Che valle di lardo… quanto latte, quante curve quanta morbidissima carne… M’immagino di mettere una mano sopra le sue coscione, su quei gnocchi bulbosi di cellulite, e palparle le carni mentre la bacio. Cercando di farle capire l’assolutezza della sua bellezza. E quando si mette a gattoni vorrei cantare odi sui suoi rotoli di benessere, sulle sue montagne, sulla sua opulenza di donna tanta, materna, soffice, abbondante, piena di meravigliosa cellulite.

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La Coorte di Gheddafi – Gaddafi’s Amazons Cohort

June 12, 2009


Gaddafi, the dictator of Lybia, has a personal bodyguard cohort made entirely of Amazons. He may be a crazy terrorist fuck, but these big, towering women are stunningly beautiful.


Le Amazzoni di Gheddafi sono delle belle donne robuste, forti, altissime. Queste donnone sinuose, dalla pelle bruna e vellutata, sono le sue guardie del corpo.


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