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Giunone Madre onnipotente

November 6, 2016

Juno with giant breast, and hips replete with fat
(more at

Giunone madre onnipotente
nutrimi con le tue mammelle rigogliose
avviluppami nei tuoi fianchi
e nel tuo seno sovraccarico di latte

Your girlfriend meets MsDawn

September 30, 2012


Dawn, the Goddess of Abundance, is waiting for you. She is wearing a comfy, nice big shirt. Yet it looks so tight and form-fitting. It looks so beautiful on her. When she walks, those heavy bulbs of softness shake the fabric like the surface of the sea at the beginning of a tempest.

“Mammelle, mammelle nutrienti! Fatemi godere della vostra Abbondanza!”

Her bra. Mio Dio. I thought it was a sea, while in fact it was an ocean. The jars are full of milk. Overflowing. You don’t believe her? She takes you on her walk, with her shelf of breast meat fully exposed. You look at her incredible abundance.

Imagine if your skinny, “curvy” girl was there next to you. You love your girlfriend, but I don’t think you’ll be able to pull yourself away from Dawn’s jiggling beauty. Not for one second. You never saw such fullness before. You are captured by the vastness of her breast, and fall into her outrageously dipping canyons.


Her flesh jiggles, bounces and shakes as whole milk inside a jar. All you want to do is dip your head into those healthy hills. Simona, your girlfriend, notices and she orders you to strip down naked. You won’t dare to get hard, right?

But you are in front of the Goddess of Abundance. And standing in front of her makes you very strong, very full of will. Your muscles seem harder. Your willingness to work is intense. You’d do anything for her, anything to even just touch her huge soft curves. You feel taller, more powerful. You look again at her lips and you are ready to mate. Just like that. One look at her lips, above a jiggly paradise of beauty, and your shameless pride shows itself.

jiggly ocean

“Bella tettona grassa, come sei bella…” You can’t even contain yourself.

Your girlfriend is mad, but she can’t stop looking at you. She never saw you that… big. And when Ms Dawn walks back and forth in front of you, you jolt wildly, shining to point of bursting, stiff as a horse in heat.

And then, only then, when the Goddess walks right next to you, showing off her magnificent fat curves, only then you actually understand. You touch her, feeling her softness. Your desire is intense.

Your girl is getting naked.

It feels like ancient times. Imagine being in a Roman bathhouse. The warmth around you, the dampened noises, the shared intimacy of bodies in the water. Water. Life. Your girlfriend is completely naked, the cosce tornite, exposing her young, toned body. Men look at her. She has round, wide hips and a small waist. thick thighs, like I said. Next to her, Dawn, the Goddess of Abundance. Her extremely opulent breasts, generously exposed, jiggle all over the place. She is a head-turner. Males definitely look at her.

Dawn kisses your girl, slowly, caressing her in the warm water. Simona’s hands sink gently into Dawn’s flesh. She grabs her beautiful udders. She’s amazed by how incredible they feel, in all of their divine softness. She fondles them with true love and dedication.

You look at her plump hips, Simona has nice thick curves. But then you turn your head over to Dawn and see the mountain of cellulite on her hips. Your passion jolts and commands your attention. You fondle and squeeze those beautiful hips, well padded with the softest meat. Her dimples and craters are especially sweet and you adore them with your lips. Simona, your girlfriend, also reaches over to fondle Dawn’s hips.

You get on your knees, holding one of Dawn’s giant thighs like an enormous log of mortadella. One hand on the outer side, the other on the inner thigh. She is so meaty. She is fat, well endowed.

“Bella Grassona,” you say, right in front of your girlfriend, looking at Dawn’s meat. She sees your passion. She sees that you like all that flesh. She looks at you and wants to steal that passion. She grabs the love handles on her own hips and she offers them to you. You rest on your knees to ponder on her lard, fondle it, adore it. You offer your passion to Simona; you let her come closer to you until you penetrate her. No shame. And yes she takes you, slowly. As she pleases. She loves it. You love so much flesh.


Dawn moves to the side, standing next to you as you fuck your girlfriend. She pushes your face into the pillowy softness of her thigh. You lick her and suckle her, grabbing chunks of her copious cellulite. Simona moans in pleasure. She never felt you like this before. Dawn gives her a pastry, and she eats it avidly. As she eats you slap Dawn’s thigh, as to tell her an animalistic “Get fat like this.”


“And this,” replies Dawn, bending over while getting down on her knees. Her fat boobs bounce and plop down right on your face. Big, soft pillows of flesh.

Bella tettona grassa, I love your flesh!” you scream, totally oblivious to the fact your girlfriend can hear you, and she only has a C cup. But she can’t complain, because you keep getting harder and harder.


Succhiami, succhiami,” Dawn keeps whispering. You suckle her fat breasts and grab Simona’s waist, squeezing her there and around her hips. “Grasso, carne, lardo, come sei bella Dawn, bella tettona…” Simona can feel you climaxing and you can feel her excitement. She’s basically sitting on you. You move a hand along her thigh, squeezing her as if she was a mucca da mattanza.


Ingrassati, ingrassati…” you tell her, shamelessly. At that point Dawn submerges you with her boobs. She gets on her knees behind you, taking your torso between her legs. Your head falls between her udders. You squeeze her thighs, they are so much fatter than Simona’s. That’s when you come, exploding in Simona’s vulva. “Fat, fat, softer than flesh, big, long thighs, get fatter, ingrassati, come sei tanta, maternal curves…”

Guarda la mia carne, caro, toccami, palpa le coscione della zia. Ti piacciono le coscoie della zia, come le chiamavi da piccolino? Guarda come è grassa la ziona, adresso, mi sono ingrassata per te. Sì, toccami, stringimi, madonna caro, ti voglio bene, sai… guarda i miei fianchi…”



Your favorite kind of videos: Big Breasted BBWs wearing a small bra.

August 12, 2012

In 2011 we had a poll about your favorite kind of Big Breasted BBW Video. While the results have been known for a while to those paying attention, I never actually acknowledged them! Let’s go over them, shall we?

Allora, the favorite kind of video was established to be the one where a big breasted BBW wears a bra that’s too small, with 28% of the votes.

Small bras on BBWs look wonderful because they make all that wonderful milky softness shine in its magnificent creaminess. Plus, being pushed up, it’s really easy to have it jiggle like an ocean.

Which brings me to the second place: “Big Breasted BBWs wearing a big shelf-bra, making their fat boobs look like a vast jiggling ocean,” which received 20% of the votes. This kind is a favorite of mine, because a jiggly paradise is one of the most sensual and beautiful sights that a man (or a woman!) can see. But for some reason it’s hard to do well on video. I think MsDawnP made one of the best videos of this sort, which you can find at her own website. She definitely has the body for it, with all that succulent flesh amassed in those big udders. If I could, I would grab one of her huge breast with both my hands, and adore it for a day straight. And the way MsDawnP jiggles it makes you wanna reach over and feel all that softness on your lips, and between your fingers.

You’re going to see waves all over

In third place, “BBBBW dancing, huge boobs jiggling and bouncing“, with 19% of the votes. Perhaps this reminds or evokes images of what you would get if you were to receive a lap dance from a big breasted BBW. A lot of bouncy squeezable beauty.

A close 4th, my absolute favorite: “BBBBW walking fast toward the camera, boobs jiggling everywhere (sea quake),” with 18% of preferences. Here’s the best example I have ever found of this kind:

I believe that’s Sofia Rose, a truly amazing beauty, and I just ADORE the way she storms into the scene and proudly flaunt her amazing curves, in all their gorgeous squishiness and softness. It’s so beautiful and erotic. MsDawnP again has a couple good videos of walking toward the camera, but I wish she would storm in like Sofia… with curves and boobs like Dawn’s, one could only guess how incredible it would be!!

And finally, in 5th place, “Big breasted BBW walking slowly toward the camera, jiggling boobs (small waves).” Hard to find too, and perhaps more intimate.

Thanks for voting!

Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll Update

March 14, 2010
Super Dome Booty 6'2" ultra curvy figure

Photo is (c)

I wanted to give an update on my long time running poll, “What are your Favorite Fat Curvy Models?”

In case you haven’t voted yet, do so! The poll is still available on the sidebar on the right. I have decided to put a termination date on the poll: that will happen on May 25th 2010, exactly one year after its start.

And now onto the update. The top 10 positions speak volumes (pun intended) about the preferences of the readers of this blog: super-sized booties, very pronounced hips and lots of flesh. Dream woman Super Dome Booty (832 votes) leads the poll by a considerable margin, followed by Viva La Valerie (530) and her ultra-jiggly hips, dead gorgeous SupaThickMami (456) and Gwen (445) who are the only models able to get more than 400 votes. All these girls have truly massive bottoms (65″ or more) with big mounds of cellulite. This is interesting because when I started this blog I was more into boobs than butts. I guess the direction has changed.

To find a top-heavy girl we have to have to wait until position five and six, held by Rayne Or Shine (390) and the shocking Airabella (375). They are both endowed with big, beautiful fat breasts but still, their hips are so wide they draw most of the attention. Airabella’s hips in particular look like butter filled balloons.

The classic image of the all around Fat Curvy woman — bold curves, large breasts and larger hips — continues to be very well represented in the rest of our Top 10: Cajun Big Ez, Brie Brown (the original SSBBW!) and Gaining Goddess all follow in closed ranks.

Number 10 is the real diversion: MsDawnP and the jiggly paradise she carries with herself is simply too beautiful and erotic to miss the Top 10.

Would you like some cottage cheese? MsDawnP is offering…

November 22, 2009


MsDawnP derriere keeps getting more and more gorgeous with time… so round and sensual. I adore every single one of her dimples.