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OPULENZIA: the Tenth Chapter

December 18, 2013


Previous Chapter

I was still sitting down on the couch, my lap covered in a lake of Carmela’s healthy waters as well as my own semen. In front of me, the bottom-heavy hourglass of my aunt’s body.
She stepped back a bit after mating with me. Step after step, the squishy fat on her thighs and hips jiggled all over. The movements of her cellulite looked slower and deeper than before, as if mating with me made her meat softer. It was like waves in a sea of butter. Desiderio, voglia di succhiare. Her large breasts were still oozing milk.

I couldn’t stop looking at her legs. As I reached over to touch myself, she moved closer. She offered her thighs, one more time.

Stringimele,” she said.

I loved to grab her fat. I loved to fill my hands with it. She had so much of it.

She just stood there, as I fondled her as I wanted.  She loved to see me so aroused, I think. She indulged on another pastry. She was insatiable, that big piggy.

She lifted a leg and put her foot on the couch. The giant mass of her thigh was now right in front of me. It’s as if she said, “Here, take all of it!”

As she kept eating, I kept indulging on her flesh. The inside of her thigh was something unbelievably soft. It was going to melt in my hands, like the fattest mortadella.

“Do you like to touch my fat?”

I answered by squeezing her some more. My hands disappeared into her opulence.

Ora succhialo,” Carmela said.


Asshley getting bigger and sexier

February 4, 2011

Madonna, ma pare a me o Asshley continua a ingrassarsi? Mi piacciono le cataste di grasso sui suoi fianchi.

Is it just me or Asshley is gaining, judging from those wonderful heaps of hips and molten cellulite decadently oozing from her thighs?

((c) of the incredible photo is please go join her website, she has incredible photos and videos, I can assure you! Trust me…)

Gypsy jiggling

January 18, 2011

Ah, che forme, e la loro bellezza
(photo is (c)

Sicilia, che bel mare

December 24, 2010

(photos are (c) Sicilia’s Curves)

Ma che bel mare, fammi affogare nel tuo mare, Sicilia, fammi succhiare la tua acqua, la tua cellulite; le tue grasse curve, il tuo lardo. Bellissima.


Asshley gained… 81 inches hips! 363 pounds! New site!

September 1, 2010

That’s right, it’s official. She is juicier. If you followed Asshley recently, you could have probably said that her last known hips measures — 75 inches — were old. Old as in too small, even if 75″ is not exactly “small”.

But if you looked at her updates in the past year, you noticed a constant increase in the opulence of her body. Her arms and face look softer and sweeter. Her waist was always been full with nutrients, but now it’s fuller. Her breasts, oh, they are all the more and more succulent, to the point that now you have to admit she qualifies as a big breasted model too. I wonder what cup she is now. And then the vastness of her ass, and the tallness of her buttocks. Beauty keeps piling up down there.

Her thighs are now oceans of pure cellulite. There’s so much of it that it has to emerge and bump up in wonderful chunky dimples of completely untoned beauty. Look at her thighs, they are a pool of heavy whipping cream. Her legs are outrageously fat. I wonder what is the measure around the fattest point.

And then her hips, authentic pillows of homegrown lard, wider and wider for the neediest lover. In ten years she grew them from 66 inches up to 81 inches, gaining 148 pounds (67 Kg!), if you can believe that. That’s more than 2 meters: 206 cm to be exact. A lot of hips. Your own hips are likely more narrow than just one of her legs. You could have a dinner on top of her booty, or sleep comfortably laying on her big thighs.

She brings a lot of meat to the table.

I keep thinking of Asshley visiting the Vatican during summer, in a short, tight summer dress. Or maybe wearing tight shorts, just like many other girls, but hers are obviously pretty tight around her hips, so that big bumps of cellulite emerge from beneath it. As she walks with confidence, her ocean of cellulite jiggles and wobbles beyond control. As a wonderful song to the Lord. The splashes of her fat turn many heads, but she doesn’t seem to care. Many men have never seen so much opulence on a woman before. Some stare shamelessly, boys walk behind her to look at the jiggling, and an old man, recently declared impotent, has a raging erection as she walks by the bench he was sitting on.

Noticing the hard-on and the sweetness of the distinct gentleman, she sits next to him for a while, smashing a balloon of flesh against his hips. As she caresses her gigantic thighs, he has the nerve of inviting her to dinner, in a local place that he knows. While looking at her legs, he reassures her that this place is good, and they serve very rich foods in abundant servings. Before accepting, Asshley demands that he squeezes her thighs openly in front of every rich, uptight couple that passes by them. She wants him to show everyone his appreciation for her curves and soft volumes. On the other side, he has a new, simple dream: after dinner, to invite Asshley to lay on a couch, and then rub himself against the soft pillows of lard on her gargantuan buttocks.

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