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I love

April 2, 2017

I love my wife’s hips
the chunks of meat i can grab
I love that I can fill more than my wide, open hand
she’s so deep
so much junk
I love that i can lift her booty when we mate
I love to feel her weight on me
the weight of her fat dropping on me, especially
I feel so lucky to have so much
I open my legs ready to receive all of her abundance
Her big, meaty legs around me
When i caress them my fingers sink into her lard
it feels like warm butter
it’s good to feel so much meat around you
I feel safe
my only attention is to her graces
the grace of her soft legs meeting her cute plump belly
the richness of the flesh on her waist
when i reach her booty i am ready to go
ready to enter her womb again
I love to open my arms and feel the wide load
of her big, fleshy hips
I love them so much
I love to be between them
immersed in them, in all their opulence
quella bella culona, così generosa, così tanta,
bella grassona, tutta mia
her shelf booty is so meaty that it feels amazing when you
lift it
and then you let it drop on yourself,
all that meat splashing onto your basis
i love to feel like i own all that beauty
those big fat wide hips
quickly i realize that all my friends deal with smaller booties
except one whose wife is a close friend of my wife
she has an even bigger booty, ripe with flesh
like a fat booty queen
anyway i love to feel the flesh of my wife on me
i submerge my head into her breast
her bosom welcomes me surrounding me in its flesh
her chest is so generous
ha due tettone grosse il triplo di quelle di Serena Grandi
mi piace mungerla mentre mi è sopra
i grab one giant boob with both hands and squeeze
her nipple between my lips
into my mouth
I milk her, squeezing her flesh
che tettona
tettona culona
grassa come una bella mucca
her abundance is even more revealed when sometimes
while she’s on top I twist my body a bit
pulling my head outside of her breast
to face the ocean of flesh on her waist and hips
oh my god how hot is she
her hips bulge out like ancient godly amphorae
overflowing with beauty, cellulite, flesh
and dripping over into her giant thighs
wider than my wide open hand
I cannot grasp one thigh with one hand
it’s too wide
but i can feel its abundance when i
sink my palm into the softness of her thigh flesh
I squeeze, I love, I lust
quanta carne
bella cosciona grassa
cicciona, tanta
I squeeze, I love, I adore

Sollevare i mucchi di grasso delle cosce di una donna molto in carne

September 26, 2009
I love to lift heaps of cellulite and squeeze them well

I love to lift heaps of cellulite and squeeze them well

(clip from Amazing Pear XXX movie by

mano-nei-fianchi-grassi1Ieri notte, altra scopata da fine del mondo con la mia grassa moglie. Lei sopra a dominarmi usando il mio pene come più le garbava, io sotto a godere delle sue forme prosperose.

Era a gattoni sopra di me, con la gamba destra protesa in avanti. Verso di me. Si sorreggeva con il piede destro e il ginocchio sinistro e io avevo la possibilita’ di palpare la carne della sua coscia. Sembrava quasi mi volesse invitare a soppesare i mucchi di cellulite che in gran copia riempiono le sue meravigliose cosce. Mentre lei si massaggiava il clitoride, io sollevavo le pesanti sacche di carne appese alle sue cosce e le massaggiavo l’interno della vagina con il mio pene. Era talmente irrigidito di fronte a tanto lardo che sembrava dovesse esplodere da un momento all’altro. Strofinavo, spingevo e palpavo. mano-nei-fianchi-grassi2Con l’altra mano le afferravo una mammella e me la mettevo in bocca a mo’ di borraccia, succhiando dentro la carne e leccando come un assetato. Oppure le palpavo l’altro lato dei suoi fianchi. Oppure mi aggrappavo al suo culo per spingermi ancora piu’ dentro di lei. Godevo del suo grasso.

Sono venuto così, con la testa sommersa da una sua tetta (una basta e avanza per coprirmi la faccia) e il mio corpo circondato dal suo grasso.

Trying to be Stronger – Chapter 2

July 26, 2009

Mi montava come una mucca di quelle grasse, da carne... quella montagna di culo e' tutto lardo che balla come un mare

Mi montava come una mucca di quelle grasse, da carne... quella montagna di culo e' tutto lardo che balla come un mare

(photo is (c)

All of a sudden there I was, buried under so much flesh I never thought it was possible. I grabbed one of those pendulous borraccie wrapping my lips around her nipple. I didn’t even use my hands to stuff my face with her boob flesh, I just opened my mouth and ate her like an animal. I got her nipple on my tongue and sucked in as much flesh as possible. I love to chew on her, I love to taste her. This time I especially loved to taste how much fatter she had gotten. I enjoyed the creamier, more liquid flesh. I loved how easily now I could fill my mouth with her. She was more buttery than ever.

At the same time I hugged my arms around the big slope of her butt. Oh dear God, it is so tall and round. I venerate it daily. I am a sinner and yes, I have idols: her butt is one of them. It’s not just big: it’s truly fat, with big dimples of lard everywhere and heaps of flesh you can lift and squeeze. It’s all that fat flesh that gets me so fucking hard.

I imaginatively drew a big large circle all around the moons of her derrière, just to remind myself how lucky I was to mate with such a Goddess. I admired her in awe, enjoying the heft of the overflowing bags of cellulite all over her ass and thighs. My love stretched and expanded even more inside of her, convincing her to rest more of her weight on me – to sheathe me in flesh.

I felt my body completely submerged by softness, entering a sublime nirvana. We stood still for minutes, enjoying this incredible, motionless pleasure. I sucked on her boob, slowly and hard, with the hunger of somebody who didn’t eat for a week. She seemed to melt in mouth, as I licked, slapped, chewed on her nipple and all the surrounding flesh I could swallow into my mouth. I hugged her around her waist and hips. I lifted heaps of her flesh, just like you would cup a bag full of olive oil. I squeezed slowly, softly and repeatedly. I let my cock throb inside of her, thriving on her opulent body. We mated in a motionless ecstasy, with deeper breaths of passion and louder “I love you”, muffled with my mouth full.

Every once in a while I felt a squeeze of her kegal muscles around my cock, and in response I would stiffen my cock even more. I felt like I was radiating heat, boiling passion. We both always loved this and we often tease each other like this. She loves to feel me growing inside of her, and I love to feel like she is milking me while I am milking her udders.

After an eternity of heaven we started pounding again on each other. I looked at her juicy rolls and fat boobs, peeking over to admire the tallness of her booty. I love to see a towering mountain of flesh in the background, all jiggling as a big wavy ocean as I fuck her. With a big woman shaped like Boricua, Lailani or Sicilia, like my wife is (with bigger boobs) you have so many ways to indulge yourself in that position. Personally, one thing I love is to put my hands below her booty and feel those big succulent bags of flab that she has. What I often do is I lift them up and I fuck her from the down-up for a while. Then all of a sudden I let them go. The heavy weight of her fat hips lands on my pelvis, in a big loud splash. Then I force her big butt all the way down, and I keep her there: but this time I fuck her as hard as I can. It’s like hitting some big, warm water balloons and it feels like I’m fucking her with my all my muscles, not just my penis. Like I’m entering her with my whole body and soul. Even my fingers feel inside of her, being sunken all the way into the flesh of her hips.


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