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Nadine bouncey bouncey?

December 4, 2009

Is that Nadine going bouncey bouncey bouncey? If so, her boobs look bigger since last time I checked her!

Man, I so wish Nadine would become a BBW! She is a beautiful girl already, but with those fleshy boobs, tall stature, nice smile, all she needs is to fatten up her butt and thighs and she’d be a goddess!

JuicyJacqulyn gets jiggly with it

October 16, 2009

Juicy Jacqulyn shows off her abundant curves. She will show you how fleshy she is and how easy you can grab her hips. You’ll know that her man has a whole lot of fun with all that beauty!

Ode to Dawn, Goddess of Abundance

March 23, 2009
Imagine a huge lot of creamy beauty swaying back and forth, jigling its flesh like an ocean of buttery milk

Imagine a huge lot of creamy beauty swaying back and forth, jigling its flesh like an ocean of buttery milk

MsDawnp latest video — called “Headless” (3/18/2008) — is one of the sexiest video I’ve ever seen. And I don’t say this lightly. It’s one of those videos words are not enough. You really got to see it with your eyes and just drool over it.

It’s full of jiggling flesh all over, you see belly, ass, thighs, you see her big overflowing boobs swaying left and right, barely contained by her glorifying shelf top. That’s a dam on the verge of collapse. Her boob flesh is stacked on top of it like big, bulging water mountains, filling the dress to capacity. Nobody could possibly load it more than that. It’s such a sensual, magnificent, sublimely beautiful view. And all of that is in motion, all before your eyes. It’s the most elegant dance a guy can see.

Nobody talks about this level of beauty. The beauty of a mating call, the beauty of motherhood, the beauty of over abundance. The magnificence of filling up a bra with so much softness that you almost see it oozing out like honey, or rich milk, and you want to just dive in, and lay, lick, love, and die. And so I want to write this ode to the fullness of her chest, to the largeness of her hips and to the soft fertility of her belly. And I want to write this to all BBWs and to their lovers, for they should cherish the divine curvy beauty they are blessed to live with, just like I am.

I wish I could stand before you, oh mia Goddess, even with my hardened body so indecently exposed. And please forgive me if I speak like this about your beauty, and if I tell others to look at your naked opulence, and stare at your jiggling flesh.

I dare to hope that one day, the most beautiful and prosperous, you will walk in front of us with that same dress, to show the world how creamy your world truly is.
Now, you only have one thing to do. Go to her website and subscribe. Seriously. There are no second meanings in my words, I am unfortunately not affiliated with her (notice how I have no ads on my blog differently from all other blogs). I’m just a horny guy who likes BBWs with big boobs and very large hips, and I’m telling you: you won’t find this hotness anywhere else. (Plus she listens to subscribers feedback and talks/cams with them…;))

(Photo is (c)

Uscire con Ms. Boricua

January 28, 2009
Click to see video!

Click to see video!

(video is (c)

Questa è la seconda parte di un ciclo di storie dedicato a Ms Boricua. Storie passate:
Capitolo 1

Io in generale penso sia giusto enfatizzare le bellezza di una donna, non nasconderla. Secondo il bon ton dell’amante della Bellezza, bisogna vestire la propria donna in modo che la sua opulenza sia ben visibile a tutti. Se poi avete una donna come Ms Boricua, a maggior ragione è doveroso mostrare le sue curve ad ogni occasione sociale, avendo cura di esporre le sue abbondanti doti come se fosse una mucca da carne.

Se uscissi con Boricua le farei mettere un vestito attillato e molto sottile, in modo che i gnocchi di carne sui suoi fianchi si vedano bene. Non dimentichiamoci poi che Boricua ha anche un seno generoso, che va munto regolarmente, per cui mi assicurerei che il vestito esponga anche una generosa scollatura. Ma soprattutto chiunque deve essere in grado di capire che questa è una donna dai fianchi rotondi e inzuppati di grasso.

“Ti piace questo vestito? E’ molto corto, mostra quattro ettari di cosce come piace a me…”

“Sì è bello… però, perchè non ti metti questo invece? E’ ancora più attillato…”

“Ma quello è troppo lungo! Mi arriva fino a metà coscia, addirittura…io volevo mostrare di più il grasso dei miei prosciuttoni…”

“E’ vero, è un po’ più lungo, però e’ talmente attillato che si vedono tutte le tue bolle di cellulite, tutte quelle fossette libidinose… Voglio che il lardo dei tuoi fianchi si veda papale papale anche attraverso il vestito, quasi come se fossi nuda”

How about a fat lap dance?

January 2, 2009

Can you imagine those incredibly long, incredibly fat legs dancing in front of you?

That’s the kind of woman I would want for a lap dance. Big, fat pillows of flesh over a pair of big long legs. And those legs are really fucking long, she is 6’3 (1m90cm) and she looks like she’s all-thighs. Long legs means she can store more flesh into them. And she sure looks like she packed for the winter.

I love the super-squishy slabs of lard on the inside of her thighs; those fat chunks are so full of cellulite you can see them dancing on their own. Women are so beautiful and sometimes they don’t even know how much men can lust for them.

Super Dome, if you ever decide to put on some more weight, just rest assured it will look divine on you.

(More videos of Super Dome Booty at

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