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Chatting with Jade 125Q (my first cam session!)

January 21, 2012

Jade's beautifully enormous cleavage

Jade is available on Yahoo at plump_and_pretty! Just send her a message plump_and_pretty at yahoo dot com!
She is also available at

Today I had my first online cam session. As my first date, as my “nave scuola” as we say in Italian, I chose a girl with gigantic breasts and a very sweet, welcoming smile. I felt the need for the comfort of a very large, extra soft bust. Maybe because of its protective nature, maybe because it was like my first time. I chose Jade, aka Jade 125Q, aka Big Cutie Belle.

And Jade didn’t hold back. She accommodated my requests with grace. With a beauty like hers, I asked her to walk toward the camera to show me how they jiggled. She had a corset that squeezed her boobs together, making them look like a giant pool of boobs, right in front of me. She must get so many stares with a cleavage like that. She reminded me of Carmela, honestly. She stepped back, to show me how beautiful her whole self was. I couldn’t stop saying wow. She has indeed some generous hips and a round belly too, even if nothing is as fat as her giant boobs. Her boobs just stand out and protrude immensely.

As she walked toward the camera, her boobs jiggled all over. She sat down, bending over profusely, for my viewing pleasure. I obliged in more compliments. She opened her corset a bit, and I asked to squeeze her breasts really hard. I wanted to see her fingers going into all that beauty, I just love that sight! Boy, she is so abundant up there. Her fingers sank in, digging in the oozing flesh. Magnificent. I love it when SSBBWs are bold with their curves and show them off.

Jade starting pulling her breasts to the side and then splashing them down...

She opened her corset some more. More boob goodness expanded and rolled out: at this point she was showing a real ocean of flesh. And then… she started doing something that drove me crazy. She gently put her hands in her cleavage and pulled her boobs away from the center, as if she was making space for my head between those giant mammaries. And then splash, she released them, letting them plop down against each other. Ripples of the fat boob flesh splashed down like slow, heavy waves. Then their natural bulging shape reconstituted itself, and she looked again like a sweet, wholesome, extremely endowed girl. As soon as I saw her doing so, I kept aasking for more, and more and more… until my chips ran out. My god, what a sight!

I chatted with her after the show, and she told me there’s a deal going on: if you do it on Skype or Oovoo, it’s $30 for 1 hour show, or $100 for a month of unlimited shows. You heard that right. Unlimited boob shows for a month! To participate in this amazing boob deal, contact Jade yourself on yahoo as plump_and_pretty at yahoo dot com! I promise you won’t regret it!

She is also available at but I recommend to contact her directly because you get MUCH better quality video and better value, and it’s a lot cheaper. Plus, the money goes all to her, not to third parties. As I said earlier, just massage her. I mean, message her… although Jade, I wouldn’t mind massaging you at all!!

Overally I was really pleased. Jade cared about me and she showed me what I wanted. I will be thinking at her giant breasts bouncing against each other often during the next few days!

Zia Carmela come Sabrina Salerno

February 26, 2011

(Photos are (c) of – Please visit them for more!)

In una torrida estate romagnola, ero con mia zia Carmela in villeggiatura.

“Zia, fai come Sabrina Salerno in Boysboysboys, quand’e’ in piscina, che si tira su le tette nel reggiseno…”

“Ma cosa vuoi, le mie mammelle sono troppo grandi… ballano troppo”

“Meglio, cosi’ tutti le guardano,” dico io.

“Sai che ho notato che i bambini mi guardano le zinne? I bambini, e poi i vecchi di 70 o 80 anni. Chissa’ perche’…”

“Ci credo, io i miei amici non riusciamo a non guardarti, e mi piace quando cammini con le tette all’infuori di fronte ai vecchi del bar… madonna come guardano!”

“Sai che a volte ne scelgo uno e lo accontento… alcuni mi chiedono sempre di toccare, e cosi’ a volte gli faccio un favore…”

“Ma cosa chiedono?”

“Uno mi chiede sempre se mi puo’ palpare le cosce, ma la maggior parte vuole tastarmi il seno. Io non lo so… chissa’ perche’ sempre il seno, ho anche i fianchi molto grassi, non solo il seno…”

“Forse perche’ e’ talmente liquido che sembra una piscina piena di latte, come Poppea…”

“Ha ha, ma cosa dici… ma non e’ poi cosi’ enorme, mi sembra.” Si piego’ in avanti un po’, per mostrare la carne delle sue mammelle da latte.

“Zia, hai due montagne di carne al posto delle tette, te…”

“Ah!” mi sorrise, “ma dai… ascolta, va bene, vengo con te in piscina… a un patto pero’.”

“Evviva ziona!” esclamai mentre ancora parlava, nonostante il condizionale di fatto. Ero al settimo cielo. Sognai di vedere i vecchi bavosi mangiarsi con gli occhi le curve bovine della zia, mentre io le strizzavo le tette.

“Vengo con te in piscina, in bikini, solo se pero’ mentre scuoto le tette, tu puoi ti ci tuffi dentro, gridando “Mamma, mamma!”

“Si’! Si’!”

“E poi ti voglio spupazzare tutto, come una volta… tra le poccie e i miei fianchi… mi sono ingrassata…”

Mi sorrise con un misto di vergogna e eccitazione. I suoi capezzoli si indurirono un bel po’, sporgendo in fuori da dentro la vestaglia. Si piego’ in avanti, mostrando anche un ettaro delle sue cosce.

“Madonna, zia, come sei tanta… e d’altra parte, se non sei materna te,…”

“Davvero ti fai spupazzare dalla zia? Davvero?”

“Si’… certo…”

Carmela gongolo’. “Guarda che se poi mi chiami Mamma, io ti voglio nutrire, eh,” mi intimo’ con un sorriso da nobile matrona romana.

“Anche perche’ mi sono ingrassata…. guarda,” mi sussurro’ sporgendosi in avanti. Si apri’ la vestaglia mostrandomi il panorama delle sue enormi mammelle sostenute appena da un reggiseno veramente enorme, eppure insufficiente a contenere l’abbondanza delle sue forme giunoniche.

“E quindi, dicevo… se poi ti viene voglia di succhiare, puoi sempre succhiare la mia cellulite… o tirare fuori una mammella e iniziare a mungermi”

“Si’, si’, certo… come una mucca, una bella muccona!”

“Ha ha,” esclamo’ divertita, “ho tanto di quel latte… e glielo faccio vedere a Sabrina Salerno, che poi non ho mai capito cos’abbia di bello, ha poche curve, cosi’ magra poi…”

“Bella mucca, sei grassa come una mucca…”

Posso dire tutto a Zia Carmela, posso essere sincero. Lei ride e mi abbraccia. Puo’ sfamare un esercito. Vuole partorire.

E mentre si incammina, con tutta la sua cellulite ballonzolante, aggiunge, “e se i vecchi ti guardano, tu nasconditi tra le mie mammelle, e stringimele forte. Sono abbondanti ma sono molto grasse, liquide,… e poi mi piacciono le tue manine dentro la mia cellulite… sono cosi’ vellutate, caro!”

Mi immagino le facce dei vecchi, mentre vedono un adolescente succhiare il latte di una donna dai seni obesi come Zia Carmela.

Massively Jiggly Ocean (on video)… Sofia Rose!

July 10, 2010

This is perhaps the most pronounced example of Jiggly Paradise. We have an unknown magnificent beauty, Sofia Rose, relatively slender, but very generously endowed. She inspires warmth, lust, passion. Thirst. Confidence. She wears a corset that does nothing to hide her opulent curves. On the contrary, her attire seems designed to accentuate the fleshiness of her soft body.

The corset barely contains her large natural breasts. They are put up on a shelf, on display, for everyone to see. Because everyone must see the enormous amounts of flesh that she can offer, everyone must see the abundant milk, the incredible softness, the irreverent health of her ample charms.

And then she walks. She walks toward the camera with that big, bulging paradise of flesh bouncing everywhere. You can see copious boob flesh pushing against the edges of the bra, close to overflow. The corset miraculously contains tall waves of fatness, waves upon waves of beauty bouncing right in front of everyone. Sofia has no problems showing how curvy she is. She has big, fat breasts and she knows it.

There are many consequences of her actions. Her lover at home just understood he wants to marry her and give her a child. Her eighty years old high school teacher just had an enormous erection. A young admirer approached her after the show and while staring shamelessly into her cleavage, he told her that he fell in love with her. She hugged his head into her boob bed, kissed his cheek and whispered him, “Lick me.”

Nadine bouncey bouncey?

December 4, 2009

Is that Nadine going bouncey bouncey bouncey? If so, her boobs look bigger since last time I checked her!

Man, I so wish Nadine would become a BBW! She is a beautiful girl already, but with those fleshy boobs, tall stature, nice smile, all she needs is to fatten up her butt and thighs and she’d be a goddess!

OPULENZIA: the Fourth Chapter, where Carmela nurtures the hunger for Beauty in a Valley of Flesh

October 20, 2009

Quella è tutta panna montata - Zia Carmela ha delle belle mammelle gonfie, acquose, traboccanti

Quella è tutta panna montata - Zia Carmela ha delle belle mammelle gonfie, acquose, traboccanti

(photo is (c) courtesy of Silicone Free)

Previous Chapter

My head started spinning. I smiled at my aunt, but at the same time I looked at her fat tits sitting there like peaceful mountains. I was just unable to avoid my lusty staring. I was embarrassed, but luckily she smiled back. I took my eyes away from her and went over to the fridge to get some refreshing juice. Carmela followed me to the table to talk with me. As she was walking toward me she nonchalantly opened an additional button from her revealing top. As I saw the entire action, my eyes got transfixed on that button. Her flesh was already shaking and bouncing inside the camisole. When she had released the top button her breasts naturally expanded, occupying all the new available space.

That cleavage was so ample and overflowing. Her tit flesh was stacking up in huge heaps from the waist up. When the button popped, it was like a dam had just cracked releasing a few gallons of water. Her huge maternal juggs bounced to adjust to the weight being released. They continued to dance as she came closer to me, indecently exposed. Zia Carmela was so confident. It totally seemed like the most natural thing for her. She knew she was a big woman, she knew she had large breasts and she just couldn’t do anything to hide them, contain them, control them. The pressure was just too much in there.

I poured some juice from the fridge and sat at the table. Carmela reached me and bent over slightly to fit her butt on the chair. At that moment I thought her tits were going to fall out. They rested on the table like two huge mountains of meat. Was she just provoking me? It was like being at the meat market. “Thirty pounds of beef and two gallons of milk, please!” At the same time it was like being inside a bordello with two curvy naked women sitting in front of you, while you’re dreaming to spend some time with both of them.

I chatted with my aunt for a while, letting her torturing me with her very healthy charms. I tried real hard not to look there but it was too much for me. It was just unreal to see boobs so immense sitting there on the table in front of me like a dinner dish. I tried to make my aunt laugh because every time she laughed her tit flesh would start bouncing like a mountain of jello, sometimes with slappy squishy noises. I looked at the consistency of her boobs and I noticed how creamy and liquid they were. They had such a rich texture.

In front of such opulence I got hungry. I went over to the counter to start making myself some eggs, but Carmela immediately stopped me, grabbing the pan out my hands. If every minuscule movement would make her boobs quiver, you can imagine what happened when she did such an abrupt movement. Her meat mountains bounced heavily right in front of my eyes, while I almost fell inside of them. She got to the stove and took over the job, while I just stood there watching the bouncy show from the front row. I looked at her boldly yet peacefully, resting my eyes on her fat bulging hips, staring where my heart told me to stare. She caught me staring many times, and every time all she did was smiling, continuing her task. Occasionally she moved around, kind of stomping her feet, and I was able to see big mountains of cellulite shaking inside her dress. I couldn’t help thinking she wanted me to notice that.

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