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I wish Jennie made a movie where she squeezes her own hips

April 14, 2013

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Like really fondle her hips and thighs, massage them, caress them, then tap the top of her hips and make it jiggle. She lets it jiggle freely and naturally. Then taps again harder, or some lover lifts her huge balloons of fat on her hips and drops them. A seaquake of cellulite.

Then digs in hard, the whole hand. Jenni grabs a chunk of fat from the top of her hips or front thigh, and squeezes it like a wet sponge. Like a sponge soaked in water. She indulges in her abundance…

The magnificence of Jenni’s very fat hips

May 2, 2012

Jenni's opulence
(photo (c)

L’ampiezza di quei fianchi è veramente da fine del mondo. Gli slip che si insaccano nel lardo, le montagne di cellulite, la profondità del culo, le morbide insenature della vita… è una dea da venerare e coccolare, accarezzare e nutrire, nutrire molto…

Jenni’s Hourglass

March 28, 2012

jenni's now has a bottom-heavy hourglass figure
(image is (c)

I love how Jenni’s figure evolved from a pear to a fatter, bottom-heavy hourglass. Her hips and thighs look very soft and meaty, but so does her breast. Magnificent.

Foto così ci fanno rendere conto di quanta carne ci sia su quei fianchi. Spero che si ingrassi ancora, tutta quella cellulite è bellissima.

Is Jenni a bigger pear than Brie? (An ode to women)

January 6, 2012

A bed of flesh

From the photo above you would say that Jenni is the bigger pear: wider hips, bigger buttocks, fleshier legs. But then looking from the side you see that Brie has a taller butt, fuller, with an extra ring of the softest cellulite ever, overflowing above her panties. Brie’s butt is bigger than her torso.

Fat Beauty squared

But then you realize how stupid and dumb you are, for comparing beauty with beauty. And how lucky you are for sharing even just a single second in the company of such beauty.

(photo is (c)

Jenni yesterday and today

September 22, 2011
Jenni yesterday

Jenni yesterday

Jenni today

Jenni today

Jenni, you look amazing. You look so sensual in that last photo.

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