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For big hips models: make a video like this!

March 8, 2014

Asshley's huge fleshy hips

If you are a big booty model with very soft hips, this post is for you…. I think all fat booty lovers would love it if you made a video of you squeezing your hips while you’re sitting down like @BigBootyAsshley in the picture…

Onde di morbidezza da Sugar Moore

August 18, 2011

Non so cos’e’, ma queste immagini di Sugar Moore, con quel corpo a montagna sfacciatamente pingue, mi sembrano qualcosa di incredibilmente erotico. La sensualita’ della carne, dell’abbondanza.

Supersized Bombshell Katrina’s Goddess Status

June 6, 2011

(Photo is (c)

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If Jenni is a Northern Goddess, can Katrina be considered too? She is the same height of Jenni, she has a very light complexion, exaggerated hips and very meaty thighs… and a serene beauty all around her that makes her a special vision.

Valerie and the depth of her hips

November 10, 2010

(images are (c) of
Valerie’s hips are all made of fat. They are two giant balloons of cellulite, that spread for more than a man can hug. All is left to do is jump into her, dipping his whole arms into the fat softness of her hips. The pride and the honor to squeeze all that flesh. Bella culona grassissima, fatti palpare, ingrassati ancora. I love how beautiful it is to have your hands and arms buried inside. Valerie has a succulent, squishy pool of the most decadent cream. I imagine my self kneeling on her side only to suckle the ripple of fat meat overflowing his arms and about to cover it. I see that she has enough beauty for a hand and a face, on each side.

That is Opulence, my friends.

Chi e’ la piu’ grassa, Jacqulyn o Jae?

October 24, 2010

Chi e’ la piu’ grassa secondo voi? Dalla foto e’ difficile capire. Juicy Jacqulyn sembra avere un ventre piu’ generoso, ma Jae sembra dominarla in altezza. Le braccia di Jae sembrano piu’ avvolgenti, cosi’ come le mammelle. La cosciona di Jae inoltre si staglia contro luce in tutta la sua grassezza, e conoscendo l’altezza delle sue natiche mi viene da dedurre che le cosce di Jae sono piu’ grasse. Voi cosa ne pensate?

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