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Truly gigantic and massive ass

April 7, 2018

First of all, who is the beautiful Woman in this clip?

Her ass is like a beautiful white mountain of beauty. Her proportions compared to the male lover mating with her are awe-inspiring.

More than 4 times thicker.

She is endowed with large mounds of flesh. She knows her lovers will inevitably lose themselves in them. Her gigantic ass will jiggle at every little movement of her body.

And so the question stands: who is the beautiful Goddess in this video?

Culona Incredibile! Truly giant hips and shelf booty

August 24, 2014

I love the girth of those thighs. They are bigger than most women hips. They are full of nutrients, beauty. Her hips are incredibly huge, wide and so elegant. They are like a stack of meat.

Che bella culona da monta, tutto quel lardo farà impazzire gli adolescenti che se la sogneranno la notte. Si vedono i gnocchi di cellulite da sotto i pantaloni bianchi attillati, che più attillati di così non si può.

Cassandra… big wide hips of a Goddess

July 28, 2011

I love how beautifully
serene she looks.
her statuesque body
in a sweet smile
And those huge meats,
her thighs and hips.

DirtyLittleDiva and her magnificent mountains of fat

June 28, 2010

The magnificent beauty of Nicole's mountaineous curves

The first time I saw this photo was on DirtyLittleDiva’s Twitter page. The tiny Twitter avatar could not hide the bulging mountain of flesh that adorns her hips. And yes, that’s indeed a mountain. If I were there by the pool I would die to touch that tall heap of beauty. To start things off, I would tap it to make it all jiggle like jello. Seeing all of that bounce around must be like watching poetry in motion. It looks so rich. Who wouldn’t want to sink a hand into that gorgeous pillow of cellulite? Who wouldn’t want to love it, caress it and squeeze it: fully savoring the pleasure of her flesh between his own fingers? It’s a pleasure to be consumed slowly.

And slowly, the sensation of infinity will grow. The butteriness of her thighs will surround you, and you will find your tongue digging into her cream. Both sides of your cheeks in an ocean of softness. You suckle and lust as you mate with her, cupping the girth of her curves. It’s a slow, hard motion, making every inch of your body shine. You almost wish other souls would see this nirvana, but you already notice other people around you. Your past girlfriend and her mom. Your aunt. A naked handsome guy with a hard big cock. A skinny nun you never met, and someone who looks like a bishop or higher order member of the Clergy. He has a boner as well. You tell everyone she is fat, while you slap one of those heaps of beauty. It’s almost like her beauty is so potent that strangers need to see the passion of your love. As you push yourself deeper into Diva’s full figured dream, the meat on her thighs jiggles wildly.

For an eternity I would show such devotion to such divine opulence, adoring her curvy mountains with all myself, until even a tiny breath animates my living body.

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Panterra drops 50 pounds of fat meat on your face

May 10, 2010

Click for video on Vimeo!

Panterra, the fat beauty who owns you, recently gained a bunch of weight which all ended going on her hips and thighs. Now her legs are nothing but hills of large amounts of cellulite, decadent beauty for you to die into. Her buttocks are tall as a mountain, a soft mountain of water, the safest port you can harbor in. She takes pride to be able to lift her copious beauty and drop it on your face, like a bucket of cream. She wants to show you the bumps and holes of her cellulite, the many rolls of lard and the big heaps on the side of her hips. Or are those thighs? Where do hips end and thighs begin? Does it matter? It’s heavy, jiggling jell-o. It’s so much meat you can dig your hands in there and squeeze for an eternity.

Oh bella cosciona! Oh grassa matrona! Fai che le nostre compagne mettano su cosi’ tanto lardo come ne hai messo su te!

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