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Lo splendore di Airabella

May 29, 2016

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La meraviglia del grasso di Airabella
Le mammelle gravide di latte
Le cosce trapuntate di cellulite
L’ampiezza dei suoi fianchi, accoglienti come un letto matrimoniale
Il lardo, ovunque, florido e abbondante

OPULENZIA: the Thirteenth Chapter, or when Curves expose the Weaknesses of Youth

May 21, 2016

Curve a non finire

Previous Chapter

We dropped the groceries at the car. As we moved each bag in, the weight of the bags made my body swing almost out of balance, making me innocently bump into Carmela’s padded volumes. Oops. Bella culona grassa…

Then, instead of jumping back in the car and going home as I expected, Carmela stopped on her feet and declared “Come on, let’s go.”

Eden MorShe led me back to the mall, sort of in a hurry. The very steady pace made her breasts bounce wildly. Her nipples became erected.

We went into the ladies restroom. She took me by the hand and pushed me against the wall. She pulled down my pants in the atrium and she exposed me in front of all the ladies there. Everybody was looking. I caught a beautiful tettona looking at me straight in the eye. Le mangiai le tette con gli occhi, immaginandomi di succhiarle le mammelle gonfie di latte.

In order to draw my attention back, Carmela simply lifted her own skirt and revealed her gigantic hips. That’s all she had to do. They were so fat. All of a sudden nobody could compare. She moved in my direction, slowly, her lard exposed and jiggling everywhere. My penis lifted itself up steadily at the vision of all that cellulite, while the rest of my body was paralyzed in awe. I couldn’t even control it. ‘Twas like I was being transformed into something perversely different, but that I knew intimately.


Juicy Jackie is even bigger and softer!

April 11, 2015

Jackie takes her most recent measurements in her last video. It looks like she gained so much! Her face is fuller with cuteness, her belly’s a waterfall of overindulgence and her thighs are so huge and thick. Layers and layers of cellulite, bulging craters everywhere, generously exposed to the bystanders.

Not to mention that her hips outgrew the panties she’s wearing, that are easily sinking into all that creaminess.

Che bella grassona gonfia di lardo! Come vorrei palparti i fianchi…

Culona Incredibile! Truly giant hips and shelf booty

August 24, 2014

I love the girth of those thighs. They are bigger than most women hips. They are full of nutrients, beauty. Her hips are incredibly huge, wide and so elegant. They are like a stack of meat.

Che bella culona da monta, tutto quel lardo farà impazzire gli adolescenti che se la sogneranno la notte. Si vedono i gnocchi di cellulite da sotto i pantaloni bianchi attillati, che più attillati di così non si può.

Zazie Jeanette, il mio tipo di donna

May 14, 2014


Zazie Jeanette e’ il mio tipo di donna. Grassa ovunque. Venere fin nel midollo. Il viso rotondo e rassicurante. Il petto ampio e le spalle larghe, le braccia soffici e avvolgenti. I seni grassi e liquidi come quelli di una mucca poco prima di essere munta, il latte cremoso scosso da onde perpetue, che sembrano tracimare oltre le mammelle. Il golfo del giro vita, sempre pieno di ozio dionisiaco, sempre ricco di carne di quella piu’ succosa. E poi il ventre generoso, in orgogliosa evidenza, e i larghi fianchi materni, primigeni sentori e messaggeri di vita. Su di essi giace una cascina di lardo e cellulite, accatastata in copia immensa e sorretta da due bastioni imperiali, magnificamente decorati in bassorilievo.

Le mie mani, più piccole dei gnocchi di lardo ammucchiati sopra i suoi fianchi.
La sua carne, un letto e una valle di lardarelli dolci.
Ah, Venere, io ti adoro!


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