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The copious opulence of Scarlett’s hips

September 24, 2016
i fianchi larghissimi di zia Carmela

Just like Aunt Carmela’s hips

I love how wide Scarlett is. I think she is three times as wide as myself. Her hips are so generous that she could revive the deads. Can you imagine hugging her? Her soft waist would welcome you and put you at ease. Then you’ll feel the bulging expanse below, so wide you can rest your arms on it. It must be like resting your arms on the softest pillows.

I would love to kiss her on her neck while my hands hold her on the largest points of her hips. Assuming I can reach that far! I’d love to squeeze her gently there, sinking my fingers into her flesh. I bet I would NOT be able to find her hipbone beneath all that fat! Oh, how beautiful that is. A paradise of opulence.

I love her soft belly and the giant waterfalls of lard that descend down from the mountainous hips. And then the obese thighs, loaded with the softest cellulite. I think I could make love to even just one of her thighs! They are so big. Look at how big and fluffy they are in the photo below. Layers and layers of cellulite. Plus the opulent, overflowing breasts on top.

Oh Scarlett, what I’d do to even just squeeze the magnificence of your curves!

Scarlett's giant thighs

Le Belle Coscione della Zia

November 18, 2015


“Ciao zia! Come stai bene con quel costume!”

“Ciao caro, tu sei tanto gentile, ma cosa vuoi, fa così caldo qua alle Hawaii…” Eravamo in vacanza da qualche giorno.

“Infatti,” ribattei io, “ho visto molte ragazze in bikini lungo la strada, quindi non sei l’unica ad alleggerire il vestiario.”

“Ma dici che sono un po’ troppo scosciata?”

“Ma no, ma no, assolutamente. E poi con quelle coscione, cosa vuoi… chi può non gradire le coscione della zia?” Dissi io, ammiccando.


The mountains of lard on Brie’s hips

May 11, 2015

Brie’s endowed with obese curves. Her hips are a mountain of cellulite.
They jiggle like waves in a pool.
Her lover can’t believe that he got so lucky.
He always dreamed about holding a giant pair of hips. And now he has all that fat in front of him. No muscular tone, just pure cellulite. It jiggles everywhere, the sex of opulence. Pillows of fat to lift and squeeze, and hold on during mating. She lays there, offering those heavy mountains of lard, knowing that’s all she needs to do. And then the bonus fat of her thighs, because despite all the creaminess of the hips, her thighs are padded columns of lust.

Admire Jae’s cellulite up close

April 13, 2015


And here’s Jae, who’s also been gaining quite a bit recently.

Her mountainous profile shows it best. She’s so gorgeous with all that fat. Craters of lard, cellulite bubbles, heaps of hips as i love to repeat… and the feeling that if you were blessed to be in her presence, you wouldn’t be able to resist asking her if you could fondle those magnificent, cellulite-ridden hips and thighs.

The fat lady on the boat

November 22, 2014


I still remember the first time I was next to a fat lady like that. I was maybe 13, or 14. It was summer. We were on the beach and we had just embarked on a ferry that picked us up directly from the beach.

It was a medium boat, not too heavy. Once we reached the open sea we were rocking left and right, back and forth quite a bit. This turned out to be very important for me.

I had noticed the large curves of this lady. She looked like a matrona Romana, tall, with reddish curly hair, big boobs, long legs and huge hips. Her beauty made such a huge impression on me. My sexuality was still developing, of course, so I was very sensitive. I do think she changed me forever.

She was, wow. Unlike any other woman I had seen before. I was used to the high school girls: older teenagers than myself, but still teens. TV was not showing the kind of beauty in front of my very eyes. With all those curves and dimples and softness everywhere.

The abundance of flesh disoriented me. So much of it, especially on her thighs and hips. And she was wearing a bikini, despite the giant heaps of fat everywhere on her body, including her arms, waist, and legs, so not much was hidden.

I kept looking at her thighs. Each one was bigger than a whole prosciutto. Soft layers of cellulite covered them, with big craters on the sides and back.

And she looked so comfortable with it. I got hard ons the whole trip.

Then at one point I realized I was very close to her, without me really trying. Her long legs looked even fatter and softer. My hormones were fighting to just reach over and caress her there.

But I had an ally. The sea. The boat was now shaking back and forth, rocking pretty hard. It was difficult to stand still, and most people had gone sitting down inside. But not this grassona, together with this other group of people.

Then it dawned on me. I decided to stay as close as possible to her as I could. Then maybe the sea would off-balance me, making me bump into the fat lady’s very fat thighs! My innocent perverted mind saw no problems in this hope.

And shortly thereafter it happened. I still remember the feeling of my hands dipping into the fat lady’s hips. They were so incredibly soft. Like a bag of warm, liquid butter. She stepped to the side as well, and since i was already leaning toward her, I fell forward some more into the fatness of her hip. What a joyous pillow of lard it was.

She must have felt me (and my pervertedness too I assume), but she stayed there. She didn’t move away.

I stayed there as well, of course. I just waited for the next wave to shake the boat, and carry me into her softness one more time.

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