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Admire Jae’s cellulite up close

April 13, 2015


Amd here’s Jae, who’s also been gaining quite a bit recently.

Her mountainous profile shows it best. She’s so gorgeous with all that fat. Craters of lard, cellulite bubbles, heaps of hips as i love to repeat… and the feeling that if you were blessed to be in her presence, you wouldn’t be able to resist asking her if you could fondle those magnificent, cellulite-ridden hips and thighs. I want to dive into her waist and suckle her fat!

Juicy Jackie is even bigger and softer!

April 11, 2015

Jackie takes her most recent measurements in her last video. It looks like she gained so much! Her face is fuller with cuteness, her belly’s a waterfall of overindulgence and her thighs are so huge and thick. Layers and layers of cellulite, bulging craters everywhere, generously exposed to the bystanders.

Not to mention that her hips outgrew the panties she’s wearing, that are easily sinking into all that creaminess.

Che bella grassona gonfia di lardo! Come vorrei palparti i fianchi…

Fondling Brie Brown’s hips

April 7, 2015

brie's hips are made to squeezed

I love how the enormity of Brie’s hips make her lover so passionate to squeeze them. Brie lies there shoving her immense girth to him. She’s in control. The copious cellulite on her buttocks is unmatched. He never saw anything this wide, this soft. She knows that her bonus fat drives men crazy.

“Squeeze my fat, squeeze it, it’s all cellulite, pure…”

It’s so reassuring to have so much ass to play with. So wide. Softness everywhere. From left to right. It’s all fat ass.

Please Brie, keep gaining!

Ms Superdome Booty looking fantastic

March 15, 2015


She just looks incredible in this video at her website. My god, look at all that cellulite on those giant thighs….

A tutte le Donne: se avete le cosce piene di cellulite, per favore MOSTRATELE!

September 1, 2014


cosciona Mostratele senza paura, mostratele con orgoglio, mostrate tutta la vostra bellezza, andate fiere dell’abbondanza delle vostre forme, godetene, e fate godere i vostri amanti e quelli futuri, che saranna sedotti da cotanta morbidezza!




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