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La Risacca

February 18, 2017


La risacca del grasso che ti cade sopra

The Cow Goddess’ bouncing meat market

July 19, 2008

My friend at BlackStreetBBW is an acute observer of beauty. He loves the sublime beauty of jiggling flesh. He is the one who saw the reincarnation of the Cow Goddess, and like I said, he has her on tape. The little GIF you see below is just a little taste of the full video.

I love the Cow Goddess. I love those bouncing bags of flesh, it’s like how her abundance is about to fall out. Her body is so rich, her breasts so fat. She can dispense food and beauty in large quantites to her young apostles. She has so much meat, she is like a traveling meat market.

“Do you want some meat? Here, is this enough?” she says, opening her blouse.

And there’s an ocean of jiggling flesh. While the young disciple gets excited, he offers her a week worth of work. He gives her all he has got. Everything. Then she invites him half an inch away from the top of her boobs, wrapping her legs around him. She orders him to stay put and not move, except grabbing her plump hips, or squeeze her fat thighs. Then she rides him slowly, and deeply. Her boob ocean starts to jiggle, and jiggle, and bounce, and spring back, until they literally splash on his face in divine waves of flesh. Milk starts to drop down. She is tempting him with the opulence of her body. She wants him, and his semen. She offers beauty, flesh, milk and a promise. The promise to let him admire her bountiful curve jiggle and grow forever. And the promise to nurse him whenever he needs to, whenever he feels lonely or hungry. She will give back the lust she is taking. Very generously so.

Big Butt Queen [Chapter Two]

December 26, 2007

Chapter 2: New abundance

My work place is ruled by an asshole, my boss, who often treats his employees in horrible ways. He is always trying to seduce the women of the office, but he’s never successful. I believe he especially hates me, because most women love me instead. Especially older women: they are happy to see someone who can enjoy a healthy, mature body and so they are always flirting with me. I have had many adventures, especially with Susie, who had enormous, pendulous boobs. She had noticed my glances since the day I was hired. Every time I saw her she was sporting miles of cleavage, with pounds and pounds of jiggling flesh and a joyful smile. We had many sensual and sexual encounters, and I think many people in the office knew about that, my boss included. He, unfortunately, had no luck with Susie. Susie started to wear whore-outfits when she found out about my passion for breasts, just to make me “uncomfortable”. She was very sweet and playful, especially when we were alone in the office. Every time she caught me staring, she would start laughing, asking me what was wrong. I would always play dumb, contain my smile and then say something funny. It always started very innocently but with that kind of complicity that often leads to something else. (more…)

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