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OPULENZIA: the Seventh Obscene Chapter

May 22, 2011

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I quickly got rid of my pants and plunged back on the couch. Carmela removed her robe, standing in front of me in just her bra-top and panties. My aunt is a curvy matron, with the boobs of a cow and the hips of Venus. Big, fat bubbles of cellulite all over her legs and buttocks, softer than marshmallows. Yes, she is big, and she is proud of her very pronounced curves. She is a vision of lust and maternity, forbidden pleasure, and home at the same time.

Carmela slowly pulled down her panties, that kept getting buried into the giant pools of fat on her sides. “Tua zia à grassa come una vitella,” used to say my uncle, while caressing her all over. My uncle loved her a lot. I remember him often reaching over to squeeze her thighs and hug her all the time. She always laughed, letting him do whatever he wanted on her body, while often looking at me when his hands were full. To me they were an example of pure joy: one being, with a male and a (very) female part, living life to the fullest.

Her hips were extremely wide: if I stretched my arms as wide as possible, I would barely be able to reach around them. Some months earlier, fantasizing about her, I had estimated she was 110 inches around: fact is, since then she gained weight again! And now that I was seeing her curves in the naked, I know she was much more than that. As I said, she literally had to dig her panties out of her own flesh. Aveva due cosce inzuppate di lardo, tempestate di bolle di pura cellulite.

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“My hips are so fatty,” she added with content, justifying with some pride the effort she had to undertake in order to remove her slips. Even if the fabric was soft and stretchy, it just couldn’t help to fall into the creaminess of her wide hips. Or thighs, actually. Where did the hips end and thighs begin anyway? Her derriere must have been twenty five inches tall. Such a huge mountain of cellulite.

“Zia, do you have any muscles on your hips?” I asked her, taking all the courage I had left in me.

The Dance of the Black Fertility Goddess

May 1, 2010

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A big black Goddess dances to initiate us to the Fertility ritual. She has overdeveloped breasts, to nourish her people with her whole milk. She has very large thighs, adorned with pillows of cellulite.

As she twirls around she shows everyone the pride of being so fat and curvy. Her followers bow and award her with gifts and fine foods from the harvest, in the hope she will allow them to partake in her sumptuousness.

Indeed, a few lucky individuals are sometimes chosen at every ceremony, which happens many time a year. They are to get on their knees, fully naked, and oblige the Goddess. They lick and caress, tap and dig into her flesh, in a carefree fashion, enjoying the mounds of Divine Lard she is endowed with.

In addition, between these adorers, one male is selected every year. There are no rules to comply with in order to be selected, as it is entirely at the Goddess discretion. The Chosen One is tied to a bench, where he lays down showing the size of his erection to everyone. His arms and legs are tied. The Goddess proceeds in a slow dance, until she opens up her legs, gets on top of him and squats, right where his penis is. She repeats the movement, slowly and deeply, while everybody watches with envy. Her body is his temple, and he prays with his screams of pleasure.

A few lucky individuals are untied during the ritual. That’s when the Goddess feels the Chosen one is Generous. Generous males are believed to give birth to the most beautiful girls. As she sits on top of him, his hands lustfully dig into her buttocks to invite her closer, and receive everything he has to offer.

He lifts and squeezes her copious Lard and sings praises to her Opulence, while she moves so that the crowd can see him grabbing her and the heavy mountains of her nice meat.

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I lussi di Lena, giovane matrona romana

March 26, 2010

Lena, ingrassata da una vita di lussi smodati, mostra tutta la sua opulenza, incurante dell'incombente carestia

L’idea per questo post e’ nata da un post su The Northern Goddess e a dirla tutta, da un commento del suo autore.

Come suggerisce l’Ammiratore delle Dee Nordiche, e osservando attentamente l’opulenza delle curve della nostra, sembrerebbe che nonostante la giovane età Lena sia una matrona romana sotto mentite spoglie. I capelli scuri, il viso rotondo, lo sguardo sicuro, la carnagione chiara, le forme sontuose e principesche non fanno altro che suggerire una vita agiata, di ozi e piaceri, condita con cibi ricchi e sostanziosi. E Lena, ingrassata da anni di lussi ininterrotti, e’ in costante ricerca di attenzioni. Vuole essere sedotta, condotta in tentazione, amata, e nei migliori auspicii, pure messa in cinta. Offre il suo cuore generoso e i suoi pensieri impuri.

Mi sembra di vederla, stesa elegantemente sul triclinio dopo un pasto luculliano, mentre si accarezza l’abbondante ventre. Sotto di lei e’ inginocchiato un servo, ammanettato, dedito a succhiarle i seni, e di fianco giace un altro barbaro nudo, col compito di leccare le copiose bucce d’arancia delle sue enormi cosce. Entrambi hanno il pene in una indecente erezione, non avendo mai visto cotanta abbondanza.

Lena, la giovane Matrona, si fara’ fecondare a sua discrezione, premiando le attenzioni del piu’ passionale dei due servi. Con la crudelta’ di una meretrice e il calore di una madre, ella avvolgera’ uno nel morbido abbraccio dei suoi fianchi, obbligando il secondo a guardare la statuaria bellezza delle sue forme mentre inghiottono il piu’ fortunato compare.

I cumuli di lardo di Lena

Special thanks to Northern Goddess’ Worshipper for discovering Lena first on his blog.

Dig into Asshley’s large pillows

August 28, 2009


I want to dig into those mountains…

(Photo (c) courtesy of

Qane is back!

March 13, 2009
I love those big bulging hips, 100% pure cellulite, the softest and most beautiful ever!

I love those big bulging hips, 100% pure cellulite, the softest and most beautiful ever!

Ladies and gentlemen, Qane is back. And she is back with a brand new website where you can not only watch the wonders of her copious cellulite, but also admire other very curvy girls, although not as curvy as Qane. There are no new videos yet but her new photos are amazing. I really suggest you join because she has some of the best jiggling hips ever, and while chatting with me she even said she’d consider some of my ideas. Which, as you can imagine, involve a lot natural jiggling.

Anyway, in case you had forgotten, Qane is 75″ fat around her hips and that generosity makes her one of the most erotic BBW on the net. Her magnificent hips are back and it feels special to admire them again. Look at them again… they are still incredibly large, and each one is big like a basket-ball, but very soft. You will want to dive into those bulging bags of beauty. You will want to reach out and bury your whole face into those pillows, licking and squeezing everywhere like a hungry boy.

Her opulence is magical and abundant, like a river of soft elegance that seems to pop out of the screen. I love how the almost liquid oval of her butt is loaded with flesh, heaping with pleasure. And I adore how her hips become a shelf for passion, the most sincere and selfless love, willing to give life in such a luscious receptacle of lust.

(Photo is (c) Qane)

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