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Big fat legs in San Jose, and the pride of showing off your huge cellulite dimples

July 14, 2013

(photo is (c) Velvet D’Amour — check out Vol-Up-2 too!)

I was hanging out with a friend in San Jose (CA) last Friday evening, and I was surprised by how many attractive BBWs were out and about. The warm (but not super-hot) weather, with a nice lovable breeze, was probably involved. Having lived there for a couple years some time ago though, I didn’t remember this amount of beauty!

Downtown San Jose, and in particular San Pedro square, was beautiful. Many bars and pubs open full of people having a beer, talking and listening to music (including live music),and just having a good time.

I was at the Old Saloon and these two beauties walk in. They were thick and full of curves, with their big boobs and wide hips. One of them had her breasts bouncing as she was walking. But her legs were even better, bursting at the seams of the tight jeans. One girl had a shirt with a sexy cut on the side of the shoulder, revealing some of her softness. Not to mention the cleavage, which was generous. Most of all, I loved how comfortable they were with their big sexy bodies. It’s so great to see that!

After a beer I walked out of the saloon with my friend. We were chatting, and at some point I turned to the side toward the street. There, I saw a girl pedaling in the opposite direction on a bicycle. I can sort of see curvyness for some reason, even when I’m not really looking. I think I have a kind of “curv-dar”.

So I turn my head toward her, and I immediately notice her big legs. She is wearing a skirt, who is not doing a great job at covering her, I must say. Then, as she’s pedaling, a puff of wind blows her way. The light silky skirt she’s wearing flies around amiably, revealing the full girth of her thighs. My heart skipped a beat. They were huge! Long, thick and FULL of cellulite, with beautiful massive craters. Right there, for everyone to see! Oh, did I mention her legs were bare? No stockings to conceal the decadent fat and its glorious charm.

My jaw drops and my mouth waters. The wind pushes the skirt up, all the way up to her hip. I can see the bulging curves of her maternal pear shape in all its glory. The beautiful bumps of fat in the soft shadows of dusk. The copious jiggling caused by potholes on the street. Her hair flying in the wind, careless, with the classic look of her cocktail dress! She is an expression of beauty and generosity, sexual freedom and emancipated lust.

And then something magical happens. As she reaches with her hand to grab the rebel skirt to at least try to cover some of her bulging meat, she turns her head and… she looks at me! She sees me staring at her magnificent fat leg and she smiles. I melted right there.

And there it is, public display of cellulite, the pride of being what you are and just going with it, with the grace of a goddess. I wanted to run after her and wrap my body around her legs and adore her, singing songs to her opulence.

SexyMaeSSBBW and more than 75″ of fishnets

August 6, 2011

(be sure to choose 480p hi-res for this video!)
Stay tuned for Sexy Mae’s new website launch!

I think fishnets look amazing on SSBBWs with really fat thighs. I’m talking about lots of bumps and craters of cellulite. I love the sensuality that exudes from them. I love the softness that manages to pop out of the tight fabric of the nets, inevitably too small to contain all of those curves.

I imagine Ms Mae going out to the club, all dressed in black, scarlet lipstick and heavy eyeliner to match. Walking to the packed dance-floor in her big shit-kicking boots. A luscious image of opulence and sheer beauty. She goes in. She doesn’t mind the contact with the passionate music lovers. It’s part of the fun. And the Cure is playing.

The Sharp and open
Leave me alone
And sleeping less every night

She feels some fingers on one of her hips. She catches them in their sin, she grabs and squeezes them into her copious flesh, before pushing them away. Fuckers. That’s what a fat girls feels like, she thinks. The dim lights and shadows make her legs look even bubblier. She likes it. Her boobs jiggle too. A older goth looks at them before realizing how big her bottom is. She bends over and back up. The poor bastard drools as her skinny girlfriend catches him looking at sexy Mae. Pathetic. She turns away. She leans on one leg and jiggles the other, making her hip look as soft as water. She gained a few pounds recently.

I can lose myself in Chinese art and American girls
All the time
Lose me in the dark
Please do it right
Run into the night

A tall skinny guy, whose eyes look sad and lonely, stops dancing as soon as he see her jiggly hips move. He first looks at her thighs, but then stares firmly into her eyes. She glances back but continues dancing, her hands on her waist.

I will lose myself tomorrow
Crimson pain
My heart explodes

The song throbs in waves, distorted sound and the passion of hope. Enraptured, she looks back again and he is still there. The pulse of the music is too deep, her curves too opulent. Suddenly he moves, slowly, toward her. Even skinnier and taller than he looked. His eyes, they burn. Her hands stretch to invite him. A dance.

My memory in a fire
And someone will listen
At least for a short while

She listens. He dances slowly, holding her hands. He looks again down and around her, adoring her. Eating her alive. How often do you see sincerity and a sweet, lonely boldness in the same glance? She moves his hands on her waist. On top of her hips. They get closer. And their eyes meet. The clocks on walls stop.

Flesh and blood and the first kiss
The first colours
The first kiss

His lips are warm, soft and strong. His hands grab her, gently squeezing her like a pillow. Everybody is watching, but nobody cares. The sound of lust.

Her thighs. He does lust for them. She feels him grazing her skin, the bulges of her fat through the too-tight fishnets. She sees again the previous bastard and she smiles deviously as her new lover adores her. She bends her leg a little. Heavy and enormous, he loves every inch of it. He shakes her and strokes her with a gentle and intense passion she has never seen before. How, when do you define love? Its immediacy? She pulls him in, reaching for his waist and butt. They are one body.

Please make it good tonight
But the same image haunts me
In sequence
In despair of time

The song comes to a slight pause, an inflection of time. They look into each other eyes. The same sadness emerges from both. The same passion. He holds her around her waist. There are no words needed. Even if something changed forever.

Maybe they will meet again, or maybe not. After all, it was only a song. There’s nothing more important than that.

I will never be clean again
I touched her eyes
Pressed my stained face
I will never be clean again
Touch her eyes
Press my stained face
I will never be clean again

Stay tuned for Sexy Mae’s new website launch!

Hips like an immensity, and an offer from the Goddess, an offer in soft flesh, and lots of it

Hips like an immensity, and an offer from the Goddess, an offer in soft flesh, and lots of it

OPULENZIA: the Seventh Obscene Chapter

May 22, 2011

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I quickly got rid of my pants and plunged back on the couch. Carmela removed her robe, standing in front of me in just her bra-top and panties. My aunt is a curvy matron, with the boobs of a cow and the hips of Venus. Big, fat bubbles of cellulite all over her legs and buttocks, softer than marshmallows. Yes, she is big, and she is proud of her very pronounced curves. She is a vision of lust and maternity, forbidden pleasure, and home at the same time.

Carmela slowly pulled down her panties, that kept getting buried into the giant pools of fat on her sides. “Tua zia à grassa come una vitella,” used to say my uncle, while caressing her all over. My uncle loved her a lot. I remember him often reaching over to squeeze her thighs and hug her all the time. She always laughed, letting him do whatever he wanted on her body, while often looking at me when his hands were full. To me they were an example of pure joy: one being, with a male and a (very) female part, living life to the fullest.

Her hips were extremely wide: if I stretched my arms as wide as possible, I would barely be able to reach around them. Some months earlier, fantasizing about her, I had estimated she was 110 inches around: fact is, since then she gained weight again! And now that I was seeing her curves in the naked, I know she was much more than that. As I said, she literally had to dig her panties out of her own flesh. Aveva due cosce inzuppate di lardo, tempestate di bolle di pura cellulite.

(photo (c) of

“My hips are so fatty,” she added with content, justifying with some pride the effort she had to undertake in order to remove her slips. Even if the fabric was soft and stretchy, it just couldn’t help to fall into the creaminess of her wide hips. Or thighs, actually. Where did the hips end and thighs begin anyway? Her derriere must have been twenty five inches tall. Such a huge mountain of cellulite.

“Zia, do you have any muscles on your hips?” I asked her, taking all the courage I had left in me.

Farrah Foxx excitement (or how big thighs can change the course of your day)

November 26, 2010

If you work in an office, do you occasionally get hard-ons while you tap away at your computer? That what happened to me today. Continuous hard-ons, one after the other. And my mind would constantly drift toward the unique sensual grace that belongs to Farrah Foxx.

I just love her. I love her big, meaty thighs. I’d love to meet her just to squeeze them and show her how beautiful she is. But most of all I love her smile, which makes her curves even softer. There’s something so sensual in the way she smiles.

So I was typing away and just doing my job, then somehow an image of her quickly stormed my mind. Then it left, quickly as it came. Or so I thought. But then, slowly, I started feeling my cock getting harder, and harder, and harder. In front of me I just had my monitor, some text, and the aseptic environment of my workplace. Nothing else. Despite all this, the image of Farrah’s sweet smile was somehow vivid in my mind, and together with her abundant curves she took over me. Thank god for cubicles!

I saw Farrah covered in lace, gently hiding her gorgeous softness with the thinnest and most delicate of all garments. She is magnificent, my own Arabian Nights’ Sharāzād. I could almost feel the exquisite texture of her skin underneath the lacy stuff. She is very juicy.

Then she takes my hand and puts her on her thigh.

“Squeeze my fat thighs, sweetie. Squeeze them…”

Her legs feel like silos of pure fat. So beautiful. I saw a woman today in San Francisco with thighs like that, big fat rolls of meat, and she was wearing a miniskirt. Big, chunky craters of cellulite. No stockings. She was a business lady, elegant buttoned up shirt, and matching short skirt. With giant fat legs jiggling everywhere as she walked quickly down Montgomery Street.

How could I not think about Farrah? Plus, Farrah has even bigger ones.

“Do you like my big thighs, sweetie?”

“Oh my dear Farrah, I love them. I love how fat they are.” Next thing I know my face is buried into her hips. I love to suckle her cellulite. Kiss it and chew it between my lips. Savor it. Lick it, and suck on it. Farrah’s cellulite is the softest and I could fondle it for years.

“You like my fat, honey?”

You know, one thing I love about Farrah is that I can totally see her talk like that. Sweetly yet in a perverted way. Her eyes are pure eroticism. Her softness, the most angelic sin.

DirtyLittleDiva mountains

September 24, 2010

I don’t remember if I already posted this picture in the past or not, but I don’t care. It is just so erotic.

I love Dirty Little Diva’s legs and hips. I can’t imagine a straight guy not being turned on by a vision like that, no matter what his tastes in women are. Nicole has something for everyone. She has long shapely legs (who doesn’t like that?) and a tall round booty, but at the same time she has a ton of meat to play with. A ton. But even if you are into skinny women, wouldn’t you want to experiment with something different at least once? I think curves like Nicole’s would “convert” you once you see in front of you such bold mountains and valleys.

Personally, I think that’s the Arch of Heaven. I’d love to stand beneath all that beautiful, beautiful cellulite, and squeeze it in my hands. If you want more flesh, you can always climb to the top and dive into her big, wide, fat hips. Her buttocks are abundantly overflowing.

And I think she has recently gained more beauty in her already big trunk.

(photos are (c) by


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