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Il capezzolo della zia

July 26, 2017

Il capezzolo della zia Carmela e’ grasso, che ti riempie la bocca. Si fa assaggiare per via della sua abbondanza, e da quella solida morbidezza esce un latte burroso, molto cremoso. Il passaggio dalla carne al latte lo percepisci appena. Ciucciare dal suo seno è come se la sua mammella prima ti riempisse la bocca, e poi ti si sciogliesse dentro. Come un uovo di cioccolata al latte che poi inizia a sciolgersi. Lei ti nutre. E tu sogni di ingravidarla mentre ti immergi nel suo seno da ultramaggiorata. Come Serena Grandi nell’Iniziazione, ma molto più abbondante.

Una Serena Grandi grassissima, mille volte più tettona, e con delle cosce così:

Jenny Hill’s pendulous boobs

August 4, 2009


I always loved Jenny Hill’s pendulous boobs. But now I love them even more because she got fatter and more beautiful than ever. Her tits look ready to be sucked.

(Photo is (c)

C’ha le tette talmente grosse che traboccano…

July 30, 2009

I love how fat and bubbly her boobs look…. I don’t know, but bbw’s boobs are so much more suckable…

OPULENZIA – Chapter One, or the Copious Beginning of Lust

November 2, 2008

This is the first story I ever wrote. It originally got published on Literotica in 2005. Since then I have edited it a little to this final form, mainly restoring the age of the narrator, which was changed to comply with Literotica rules.  Just like Titta — the visibly underage main character of Fellini’s Amarcord smothered between the tobacconist’s fat boobs — my protagonist sees no problems in loving grown-up women and their generous shapes. This story and ALL my stories will never ever be about abuse. So, enjoy!

Aunt Carmela next to the stairs

My Abundant Aunt Carmela

When I was younger, I used to go visit my aunt at her home during summer. My parents would send me there every year: it seemed natural to do so since she lived close to the beach. It was like a free vacation. Usually, I would stay with her alone for the entire month of August, except for the week when my parents and my uncle would join us for a brief holiday.

Every year, I couldn’t wait for summer to come. I had a few friends over in my aunt’s town, but that was not my real motivation. In fact, I couldn’t care less about them. They were just a bunch of stupid kids only interested in beach-volley, gelatos, and stupid skinny scantily-clothed Baywatch-type girls. For me, summer time was an excuse to go visit my aunt and admire her beauty. My aunt is the most sensual woman I ever saw.


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