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The ultimate butt on Sicilia’s Curves

June 28, 2009
Che culona meravigliosa, che abbondanza, che curve, che prosciuttoni...

Che culona meravigliosa, che abbondanza, che curve, che prosciuttoni...

Madonna che bella culona che sei Sicilia, ma quanto sei grassa… c’hai un culo rigonfio di lardo, dei fianchi come una mucca, e delle cosce che sembrano prosciutti di quelli grossi…

Oh Sicilia, you truly have the ultimate ass. I love your the bulges on your hips, so engorged with beauty and elegance. I love the mountainous heap of your butt, its tallness and fatness, with all the surrounding abundance. And I adore your gorgeous thighs, so engulfed in the most lavish lard. Your lover, whoever he is, certainly will pay respect to your magnificent fatness and caress it and adore it like it’s due to a generous Goddess like yourself.

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Sicilia: the magnificence of a Roman Goddess

June 26, 2009


This is my idea of a Roman Goddess. Look at those incredible curves, the wideness of those hips, those bulges and opulent rolls, the lavish amount of flesh along her hips, only a Goddess can be so endowed. Only a Goddess.

With my lips I follow the curve from the side of her hips down along her tummy, and I dream of a sunny hill full of grain fields. I imagine the rich, soft earth, and those fat pillows of beauty for me to nourish from, and to mate with.

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Irresistible MsDawnP

June 24, 2009


How can anyone sane enough resist such a mischievous smile, and those bubbly curves?

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Trying to be Stronger

June 22, 2009


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It was mid afternoon. She was already in bed reading a book when I stepped into the bedroom. I took off my pants, socks and shirt and slipped under the sheets with a smile on my face. She was wearing nothing on top. She purred toward me, turning on her side, while one of her boob rolled gently on top of each other.

It was saturday, and about the perfect time for our nap. We often do this on the weekends. It’s so relaxing. I love the feeling of freedom and laziness that makes your mind wander and expand, like if it was on a cool cloud. It’s very nice.

We chatted and kissed softly, talking about what we should do for dinner, or just how nice the fresh sheets felt on our skin. Oh, sweet nothings. And well, being the football (that’s what the Americans incorrectly call soccer) fan that I am, I also told her my “anxiety” for tomorrow’s game between my dearest Italy versus Brazil. I kind of love to give her a chance to mock my craziness and laugh about it together.

At same time I was making a conscious effort not to touch her too much. My problem is that I can’t control myself. I love the feeling of her soft body on my skin so much that my first — one could say primal — instinct is to attack her like a vicious animal, and adore her for what she is: the love of my life, with big boobs and very large hips. Plus, I thought she gained some luscious weight in the last week and I had been dying to check her out for longer than a week.

MsDawnP’s epicurean curves

June 20, 2009
Quanto sei bella, Alba dell'abbondanza...

Quanto sei bella, Alba dell'abbondanza...

I keep watching and re-watching the amazing MsDawnP’s blue dress hallway video and I am just mesmerized by her beauty. In that long hallway you truly have the time to admire the conspicuous girth of her derrière, together with full roundness of her thighs. Oh, how bubbly and prosperous her whole body is. And that blue dress flatters her so, so much! Tight like a second skin, it’s not able to hide the rich dimples of cellulite lying underneath. I grew up in Italy and I never found anyone like her down there. This display of opulence is so fascinating, so epicurean, and so classically beautiful.

(photo is (c) – some editing done by me;))

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