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A Meaty Bodacious Secret

May 29, 2009
Queste son cosce...

Queste son cosce...

Meaty. I love women with real meaty thighs. Secret SINsation aka Bodacious Secret certainly has full, meaty thighs. As a matter of fact, they look so full her flesh is gorgeously bulging out in bubbles of lavish opulence.

The more I look, the more I love her cuddly maternal arms, the fleshy waist, the mountainous shelf booty; the more I look, the more I desire thighs that fat, full of butter and cream, passion and love.

Such big thighs are engorged with erotism. I imagine to be on my knees in front of my Goddess to adore her mounds of beauty, licking the glorious magnificence oozing out of the creases and bulges of her wonderful jiggly mountains.

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RedWhiteAndBeautiful Heaps of Butter

May 7, 2009


Look at how much cellulite she has… you can really sink your hands in there, and squeeze flesh for weeks. All that fat looks so incredibly soft. I want to lick it all.

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Che belle coltri di lardo…

May 5, 2009


Ma che belle coltri di lardo… hai le cosce tutte inzuppate di grasso, come due prosciuttoni… me le fai palpare, zia?

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Phat Copula

May 2, 2009


ARE my hips fat enough for you? IS my butt too small? Grab me here, I’ve got so much PHAT round here… and then squeeze my thigh down there, hard, yeah, sink in that hunk of lard…

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Morning temptations

April 17, 2009
That's Airabella from, she is 55-40-75. Look at those fat thighs, and all that flesh bulging everywhere, doesn't she make you drool?

That's Airabella from, she is 55-40-75. Look at those fat thighs, and all that flesh bulging everywhere, doesn't she make you drool?

I often see my woman in her underwear — that’s one of the advantages of being with someone. I love the teasing, even the involuntary kind, and when you are with someone who’s more than 300 pounds, there’s a whole different level of teasing.

In the mornings when she gets ready to leave for work, I get to watch her walking around me. I am still in bed and all I get to do is compliment her with my perverted remarks, like “God you are so fat” or “you got so much juice” and so on. She has so much flesh bouncing and shaking all over. She has big porky thighs that make any skinny woman look ridiculous. They are just packed, engorged with cellulite, oozing softness in many turgid bubbles.

Every once in a while she comes closer to the bed to let me adore her. I grab her by her love handles and pull her closer to me so that I can rub my face on her hips and thighs. I love to lick her flesh with my tongue, just like an animal would do. I am honest, I do what I love to do. I love to bury my face in the fattest part of her prosciutto-sized legs. And I show her my raging erection so she knows the effect of her abundance on me.

While I am down on her thighs, at anytime if I raise my head I can see the opulence of her hips and belly, and the droopy goodness of a very large, fat teat looming over me. It’s so good to be surrounded by flesh.


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