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FatCurvyStories now updates every two days. I hope to keep it up!

May 31, 2009
I love that her fishnets sink into the softness of her meaty thighs

I love it that her fishnets sink into the softness of her meaty thighs

In case you didn’t notice, lately I’ve been adding a new blog post once every two days. I will try to keep this schedule for the future: to be precise, a new post will go up on the even numbered days. This way my readers will know when to expect updates. I can’t assure anything, but at least you know I’m trying!

Nel caso non aveste notato, recentemente il mio blog ha un post ogni due giorni. Sebbene non possa garantirlo con certezza, voglio mantenere questa frequenza anche per il futuro: per la precisione prevedo di postare nei giorni pari di ogni mese. Penso sia utile per i miei venticinque lettori sapere quando ci saranno gli aggiornamenti. Nel frattempo, godetevi le belle coscione grasse di Crystal, e immaginate quanto possa essere morbida quella carne lì nella parte interna delle sue cosce, dove si infossano le calze a rete.

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A Meaty Bodacious Secret

May 29, 2009
Queste son cosce...

Queste son cosce...

Meaty. I love women with real meaty thighs. Secret SINsation aka Bodacious Secret certainly has full, meaty thighs. As a matter of fact, they look so full her flesh is gorgeously bulging out in bubbles of lavish opulence.

The more I look, the more I love her cuddly maternal arms, the fleshy waist, the mountainous shelf booty; the more I look, the more I desire thighs that fat, full of butter and cream, passion and love.

Such big thighs are engorged with erotism. I imagine to be on my knees in front of my Goddess to adore her mounds of beauty, licking the glorious magnificence oozing out of the creases and bulges of her wonderful jiggly mountains.

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RedWhiteAndBeautiful Heaps of Butter

May 7, 2009


Look at how much cellulite she has… you can really sink your hands in there, and squeeze flesh for weeks. All that fat looks so incredibly soft. I want to lick it all.

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Che belle coltri di lardo…

May 5, 2009


Ma che belle coltri di lardo… hai le cosce tutte inzuppate di grasso, come due prosciuttoni… me le fai palpare, zia?

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Phat Copula

May 2, 2009


ARE my hips fat enough for you? IS my butt too small? Grab me here, I’ve got so much PHAT round here… and then squeeze my thigh down there, hard, yeah, sink in that hunk of lard…

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