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Cindy Pearson’s panties sinking into her generously endowed thighs

July 10, 2009


I love how her panties sank into her very fatty thighs. Cindy is very well endowed in the flesh department.

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Jenni, che valle di lardo che hai messo su…

July 8, 2009
Such a wonderful and poetic soft bed of fleshy beauty...

Such a wonderful and poetic soft bed of fleshy beauty...

Che valle di lardo… quanto latte, quante curve quanta morbidissima carne… M’immagino di mettere una mano sopra le sue coscione, su quei gnocchi bulbosi di cellulite, e palparle le carni mentre la bacio. Cercando di farle capire l’assolutezza della sua bellezza. E quando si mette a gattoni vorrei cantare odi sui suoi rotoli di benessere, sulle sue montagne, sulla sua opulenza di donna tanta, materna, soffice, abbondante, piena di meravigliosa cellulite.

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The ultimate butt on Sicilia’s Curves

June 28, 2009
Che culona meravigliosa, che abbondanza, che curve, che prosciuttoni...

Che culona meravigliosa, che abbondanza, che curve, che prosciuttoni...

Madonna che bella culona che sei Sicilia, ma quanto sei grassa… c’hai un culo rigonfio di lardo, dei fianchi come una mucca, e delle cosce che sembrano prosciutti di quelli grossi…

Oh Sicilia, you truly have the ultimate ass. I love your the bulges on your hips, so engorged with beauty and elegance. I love the mountainous heap of your butt, its tallness and fatness, with all the surrounding abundance. And I adore your gorgeous thighs, so engulfed in the most lavish lard. Your lover, whoever he is, certainly will pay respect to your magnificent fatness and caress it and adore it like it’s due to a generous Goddess like yourself.

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Sicilia: the magnificence of a Roman Goddess

June 26, 2009


This is my idea of a Roman Goddess. Look at those incredible curves, the wideness of those hips, those bulges and opulent rolls, the lavish amount of flesh along her hips, only a Goddess can be so endowed. Only a Goddess.

With my lips I follow the curve from the side of her hips down along her tummy, and I dream of a sunny hill full of grain fields. I imagine the rich, soft earth, and those fat pillows of beauty for me to nourish from, and to mate with.

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Irresistible MsDawnP

June 24, 2009


How can anyone sane enough resist such a mischievous smile, and those bubbly curves?

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