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Ms Superdome Booty looking fantastic

March 15, 2015


She just looks incredible in this video at her website. My god, look at all that cellulite on those giant thighs….

Culona Incredibile! Truly giant hips and shelf booty

August 24, 2014

I love the girth of those thighs. They are bigger than most women hips. They are full of nutrients, beauty. Her hips are incredibly huge, wide and so elegant. They are like a stack of meat.

Che bella culona da monta, tutto quel lardo farà impazzire gli adolescenti che se la sogneranno la notte. Si vedono i gnocchi di cellulite da sotto i pantaloni bianchi attillati, che più attillati di così non si può.

Who would you choose? Skinny or Sadie?

May 27, 2014

magra o grassissima?

Who would you choose? Small perky booty or @Sadie_special‘s giant soft booty with wide fat hips and tons of pure cellulite to squeeze?

If you feel the urge to reach over and put your hands on her hips, I suspect it will be the beautiful Ms. Sadie on the right. @Sadie_special

Le montagne di lardo di Lushes Thunder

May 18, 2014

Non so se ve l’ho mai detto, ma adoro le montagne di grasso di Golden Bombshell aka Lushes Thunder… Le sue stupefacenti misure, 116-102-218. Coppa G come mammella, che credo che equivalga ad un’ottava come minimo. Ma soprattutto quei fianchi da capogiro, carichi di lardo…

For big hips models: make a video like this!

March 8, 2014

Asshley's huge fleshy hips

If you are a big booty model with very soft hips, this post is for you…. I think all fat booty lovers would love it if you made a video of you squeezing your hips while you’re sitting down like @BigBootyAsshley in the picture…


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