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I cuscini di puro grasso MsSuperdome

May 14, 2010

Con due cosce cosi’, l’unica cosa da fare e’ procreare. Cosce cosi’ grosse non possono avere altro intento che stimolare la procreazione. Di certo non sono fatte per camminare, ne’ per scappare da eventuali predatori, con tutto quel volume bolleggiante. Ne’ sono fatte per muoversi in fretta, sotto il peso di svariati chilogrammi di grasso. E allora, per quali ragioni credete che le sue cosce si siano ingrassate cosi’ tanto? L’unica ragione e’ per supportare la procreazione. Una donna cosi’ non cammina, si fa servire. Una donna cosi’ non scappa, ma cattura i suoi predatori, dall’alto del suo metro e novanta di altezza, e dal largo dei suoi 190 cm di fianchi. Tutta quella carne e’ li’ solo per covare l’amplesso piu’ intenso e la prole piu’ forte, in un mare infinito.

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Panterra drops 50 pounds of fat meat on your face

May 10, 2010

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Panterra, the fat beauty who owns you, recently gained a bunch of weight which all ended going on her hips and thighs. Now her legs are nothing but hills of large amounts of cellulite, decadent beauty for you to die into. Her buttocks are tall as a mountain, a soft mountain of water, the safest port you can harbor in. She takes pride to be able to lift her copious beauty and drop it on your face, like a bucket of cream. She wants to show you the bumps and holes of her cellulite, the many rolls of lard and the big heaps on the side of her hips. Or are those thighs? Where do hips end and thighs begin? Does it matter? It’s heavy, jiggling jell-o. It’s so much meat you can dig your hands in there and squeeze for an eternity.

Oh bella cosciona! Oh grassa matrona! Fai che le nostre compagne mettano su cosi’ tanto lardo come ne hai messo su te!

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I Want to Swim in the Jenni Ocean

May 6, 2010

I want to swim in that ocean of beauty. I love how liquid and squishy it looks. It makes me want to reach over and hold her, in my arms for an eternity. I want to dive in and lose myself inside of her. Become a hungry fish in the ocean. Bring my love everywhere across the Lands of the world, and back deep into the Seven Seas. If my woman is so fat I will tell her she is beautiful like a Goddess of the Olympus. Wonderful like the Sun. I will tell her she is fatter than anyone I know, and her hips are round like two big Moons. I will show her the excitement of my body, so she knows what I mean. I will lust at the mountains of watery cellulite all around me.

And when we truly want to be intimate, I will simply let the waves and the tides guide me deep into her, as I incessantly adore the bumps and the dimples of her cellulite, enamored by the sweetness of her smile.

The Dance of the Black Fertility Goddess

May 1, 2010

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A big black Goddess dances to initiate us to the Fertility ritual. She has overdeveloped breasts, to nourish her people with her whole milk. She has very large thighs, adorned with pillows of cellulite.

As she twirls around she shows everyone the pride of being so fat and curvy. Her followers bow and award her with gifts and fine foods from the harvest, in the hope she will allow them to partake in her sumptuousness.

Indeed, a few lucky individuals are sometimes chosen at every ceremony, which happens many time a year. They are to get on their knees, fully naked, and oblige the Goddess. They lick and caress, tap and dig into her flesh, in a carefree fashion, enjoying the mounds of Divine Lard she is endowed with.

In addition, between these adorers, one male is selected every year. There are no rules to comply with in order to be selected, as it is entirely at the Goddess discretion. The Chosen One is tied to a bench, where he lays down showing the size of his erection to everyone. His arms and legs are tied. The Goddess proceeds in a slow dance, until she opens up her legs, gets on top of him and squats, right where his penis is. She repeats the movement, slowly and deeply, while everybody watches with envy. Her body is his temple, and he prays with his screams of pleasure.

A few lucky individuals are untied during the ritual. That’s when the Goddess feels the Chosen one is Generous. Generous males are believed to give birth to the most beautiful girls. As she sits on top of him, his hands lustfully dig into her buttocks to invite her closer, and receive everything he has to offer.

He lifts and squeezes her copious Lard and sings praises to her Opulence, while she moves so that the crowd can see him grabbing her and the heavy mountains of her nice meat.

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Taking Toya Bombshell on the table, in front of an open window

April 24, 2010

Toya walked to the table jiggling the imposing abundance of her figure and laid down on it, in front of the open window. The beautiful complexion of her skin shined against the pale light coming from outside. I caressed the richness of her cellulite, fondling her thighs with great pleasure. I ventured into her waist and the smooth hills of her back, finally reaching her hips. She was a tall, dark mountain of fertility. I climbed her, adored her, grabbed her everywhere. I took her. She took me.

And while we were mating a teenager stopped in front of the window. I felt his stare. Without looking back, I lifted six quarts of flesh from her belly and let it fall down. I dipped my hand all over her fat thighs and jiggled her hips. She looked at him and screamed that her thighs recently gained six inches.

I grabbed a chunks of lard from her beautiful thighs and pounded her even harder.

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