OPULENZIA: Fourteen cows in the Alps, and Carmela’s dowry

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Zia Carmela decided we should spend the rest of the summer in the mountains. She loved nature, its slow sounds, its openness as well as its laws, and she loved being free, feeling the crisp breeze on her bare skin.

She especially loved the Alps, the tall chain of Italian mountains that defines the upper border of the Peninsula. She really loved going in a remote malga in Trentino, surrounded only by cows and the silence of nature.

So that’s where we went.

As we were walking toward the refuge, the brisk air became noticeable, like a caress from the goddesses. The calm and quietness of everything around us revealed itself. For a moment, I stood there in awe at the earthy beauty of all.

To participate in this moment, Carmela, at peace with the honesty all around us, showed the full volumes of her breasts. The girth of her curves was radiant in the summer light. Her decolletè, absolutely gorgeous.

“How you doing, my dear?”

Having been there never before in my life, it was all new to me. But Carmela knew more what to expect, and actually looked like she was at home. She took off her jacket and walked the path in just her low-cut summer dress and skimpy semi-transparent skirt. The fresh breeze swept through her hair down to her thighs, as a lover full of desire.

Occasionally she’d stop to sit down and rest. Sometimes, I swear, I thought she was stopping just to expose her very generous cleavage. That lush valley between two jiggly mountains of flesh, bursting at the seams and thick like a bed of pillows.

Zia Carmela knew I was always staring but she always let me look. During the walk a couple times she smiled and opened her arms to me, leading my face into her maternal bosoms.

“Come here dear, come to auntie, let me hug you a little,” she said knowing what I coveted.

“Che belle le tue tettone, zia, che morbide…”

“Fatti spupazzare, caro, spupazza i miei seni…” The softness of her boobs was infinite. She was offering them to me just like that. I just hoped I had what she was looking for.

One tease after the other, finally we arrived. We settled in and soon went back outside to continue to enjoy the sunshine. She took out cheeses of various kinds, bread, lard, wine. We set everything up on the patio table, Zia Carmela occasionally directing me, while I wasn’t able to stop looking at her.


There were cows all around us, peacefully hanging out and feeding on the lush grass. There was also a bull, probably let loose to impregnate the females.

As we sat down I noticed how Carmela’s nipples were bulging from her top. Big and thick. Her breasts looked like amphorae full of milk splashing at every step. The meat on her thighs was shaking too, not to mention the waves in the lake of cellulite residing on top of her obscenely fat butt. I could literally hear her abundance.

“Bella cicciona, fatti palpare…”

“Hug auntie real tight,” she said smiling.

I hugged her hips and ass, and realized she was fatter than the cows. I also wondered if the bull out there noticed that.

As she put down the food, she bent over in front of me, showing off her heavy, pendulous breasts. Did she needed to be milked? They really were bigger than the cow’s udders. As soon as she noticed my stare she pulled down her top to reveal more flesh. She wanted to show her never-ending grace. Voleva mostrare la sua abbondanza. La sua dote, her dowry in flesh. She revealed the entirety of one ripe, big, gigantic mammella. Milk was dripping naturally from the nipple. I watched it leak, one drop at a time. She looked at me, and without moving her eyes away from me, shook her teat to let big creamy globs splash down on the table. Her dowry.

“All for you…”

I then got naked, I couldn’t even stop myself. I didn’t want to force me into her by any means of course, but I felt the need to show her my desire. For it was sincere.

She stepped back a little and removed everything she had on as well.

My gods — all of a sudden this giant mountainous Goddess of Flesh was in front of me.

I immediately felt complete. Without even touching her.

Complete and desirous to be one with her.

I looked at the fat on her thighs, salivating. It was dimply and jiggly as olive oil. So abundant. My excitement was that of an animal ready to mate.

She watched me stare at her, my eyes shamelessly on her hips and ass, thighs and boobs, shamelessly eating her with my very eyes.

She walked toward me showing off her fatness, strutting her massive hips while holding her oozing milk-laden tits into her arms.

It turned out we were both mammals in heat, ready to join our bodies and do what nature told us to do since time immemorial.

“Please milk me, my dear, I’m so full it hurts….”

I was right.

My desire to possess her guided me. I dove in and my face disappeared into one of her breasts, splashing in milk. My body got swallowed into her belly and inside the many layers of fat between her thighs. She held the massive boob on my face as I claimed her hips to myself. Che culona grassa. She was all mine.

“Oh yes my dear, squeeze my ass, yes, all that ass is there for you…. my thighs too… everything. Le coscione della zia ti piacciono, vero?

Sì, bella cosciona grassa, sì…

I grabbed chunks upon chunks of her soft flesh, squeezing it, lifting it and dropping it with the nonchalance of a shepherd. With those giant cushions of flesh, smacking her hips was divine. They were so vast my hand would disappear inside the soft buttery flesh as she was shaking it. Fatter than the cows, like I said.


The cows nearby called loudly, evidently very ready to mate as well. The bull only had one job: satisfy them, like a mere servant. One cow, which I then started calling Borellona, mooed louder than the others. Borellona was a milk cow, and her udders were bursting with milk. She was extremely well-fed. She was the biggest and fattest one of the bunch and maybe the more mature. She was definitely requiring his undivided attention.

He did not hesitate and ignored all the other cows. He went straight for her, Borellona. He was full of desire.

Zia Carmela told me to lay on the grass.

“Let me nurse you,” she offered. “Take my milk, dear, take my milk…”

“Oh ziona, dammi la tua carne, dammela!”

I laid down like a kid in his crib, reveling in the coolness of the earth. I was about to join my physical body with the ultimate mother, Mother Earth.

We are deeply related to Her, no matter how you want to think about it. We were born from Her, just like the cows and the bull around me and the soft leaves I was laying on.

I wanted to become one with her.

Quickly, but slowly, Mother Earth completely embraced me. Aunt Carmela put her legs around me, got down on her knees, and bent over toward me. Her massive, pendulous udders swayed toward me, the milk still leaking out of her nipples. The Fertile Earth, bursting with life and possibilities, whose giant bosom is always ready to nourish its children — She was giving it all to me.

Carmela was abundant as only a maternal healer can be. Her lips pouting in all their flesh. Her capacious hips capable of bearing children. An ocean of ass and breasts that can surround you like a womb, and feed you whenever you need to feed. She was the fattest.

Borellona mooed, fully in heat. “Succhia, tesoro,” Carmela encouraged me with a smile, giving me one of her boobs. I sank both hands and reveled in the sheer size of it. I couldn’t lift it with one hand, and even with two one hand could not reach over and touch the other. So thick and fleshy. And as soon as I grabbed it firmly, milk started squirting out copiously. When my fingers were all dug in and could really feel its massiveness, there was so much milk around me that I wondered if Carmela was maybe Borellona in disguise.

But I hadn’t seen anything yet.

When I grabbed her long nipples it was like I opened the milk faucet. Rivers of milk burst out inundating my face in all their butteriness. All of this made her boob even squishier. I was living in the ocean of her tits.

She thrashed her head back, moaning. I looked up at the delicate yet imposing figure of her shoulders, her long wavy hair now hanging on her back, and I saw Beauty.

Succhiami, succhiami, dai… la zia è buona… nutriente” as soon as I sucked she wanted more, moaning like the cows around me. I suckled like a hungry child, lost in the opulence of her bosom. I loved to squeeze her breast like you would squeeze a giant sponge, yet caressing the delicate softness of her meat.

I reached over for the other boob. Oh the pleasure and comfort to find more flesh, more sin. Che tettona. This one if possible was even more turgid than the other. I put my head in between and hugged her boobs to my face, while milk continued to squirt out.

It’s as if she was recreating the maternal placenta. My whole torso was covered with its velvety smooth cream. She enveloped my whole head between her breasts while the rest of my body was already buried under her giant ass. I loved to feel the cool warmth of her squishy fat on my lap. Her hotbath-warm vagina welcomed me, hugging me from the inside, swallowing me in. She massaged me, latched onto me, while I naively claimed her as mine. She had so much fat on her hips. All that flesh shaking on me. She got down on her elbows to cradle my head all into her boob. More and more submerged, lulled like a baby. Heavy and soft. My lips nibbled on some of her boob flesh as I hugged her around her hips. She was too wide for me to hug all the way around, but I squeezed in as much of her as I could. Che cicciona grassa! The many layers of cellulite on her legs felt amazing and reassuring. As she was holding my head in her boobs and resting the weight of her ass on me, I withered in the spasms of pleasure, sucking her milk and giving my soul to her. I pushed myself deeper into her, squeezing her fat just like a chunk of meat. She moaned loudly as my desire was being swallowed inside her. She liked feeling loved. As I opened my mouth to taste her flesh I moaned as loud as I could, even if my voice was being muffled by all the boob flesh. Yes, I was impregnating her as she was nourishing me. I shook and shook, suckling her soft breast like a baby and holding her giant ass, claiming her as mine. It was good to feel surrounded by so much meat. I felt both small and big as I was held by her very maternal curves. As I was coming, she was so calmly cradling me into her opulent, magnificent breast. As she was shaking her ass, her fat legs surrounded my body like squishy mountains, while the waves of fat on her booty moved and splashed like an ocean. I could feel the weight of each wave bouncing on me, taking me in even more. She was fucking me with her giant mountains of lard.

She was so much. She wanted to bury me inside her body.

I withered and withered away into her. My whole world was here. My whole body was hers. I existed to be between her.


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12 Responses to “OPULENZIA: Fourteen cows in the Alps, and Carmela’s dowry”

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  2. Opulenzia Fan Says:

    I’m kind of late for this, but what an excellent chapter! I love how massive you’ve described Carmela. I love the fullness of a woman. You make her seems like a giantess compared to the main character. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi, welcome! Yes, Carmela is a giantess. And her massiveness is proportional to the amount of love she gives, and requires!

  4. Femsup Says:

    She has such an abundance of love and flesh to share. He can only be subsumed and swallowed by Her fat.

  5. Femsup Says:

    You are without equal in your description of the natural order of fat women seducing and enveloping their lovers. Such beautiful writing conveying just how wonderful it is to merge with the Goddess. For every fat woman is a Goddess.

    Its primal and primeval. That comforting weight is designed to make her partner feel helpless and unable to stop the avalanche of flesh that is going to change his world.

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      Thank you. I might add that while she’s taking care of him, she’s also exploiting him, and he’s unable to stop her. He’s at her service, and she rewards him with flesh, in a symbiotic relationship.

  6. Femsup Says:

    Just as it is futile for a man to hold back an avalanche of snow so it is futile to hold back an avalanche of fat if a fat woman wants to seduce a man. Both physically and mentally.

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      I very much agree. As lovers, we’ll have to endure her abundance and be completely enveloped by it. Our fingers can sink in her cellulite-rich flesh, but will never be wide enough to grasp the entirety of her girth.

  7. Femsup Says:

    Its both sobering and wildly encouraging to know that no person on Earth can possibly contain within their arms a woman of such imposing girth and abundance.

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      Yes indeed. So wide that your vision is lost in the mountains of her curves, and your arms can stretch as much as possible, embracing the infinity of fat. “My hips are very maternal,” she says.

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