OPULENZIA: the Thirteenth Chapter, or when Curves expose the Weaknesses of Youth

Curve a non finire

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We dropped the groceries at the car. As we moved each bag in, the weight of the bags made my body swing almost out of balance, making me innocently bump into Carmela’s padded volumes. Oops. Bella culona grassa…

Then, instead of jumping back in the car and going home as I expected, Carmela stopped on her feet and declared “Come on, let’s go.”

Eden MorShe led me back to the mall, sort of in a hurry. The very steady pace made her breasts bounce wildly. Her nipples became erected.

We went into the ladies restroom. She took me by the hand and pushed me against the wall. She pulled down my pants in the atrium and she exposed me in front of all the ladies there. Everybody was looking. I caught a beautiful tettona looking at me straight in the eye. Le mangiai le tette con gli occhi, immaginandomi di succhiarle le mammelle gonfie di latte.

In order to draw my attention back, Carmela simply lifted her own skirt and revealed her gigantic hips. That’s all she had to do. They were so fat. All of a sudden nobody could compare. She moved in my direction, slowly, her lard exposed and jiggling everywhere. My penis lifted itself up steadily at the vision of all that cellulite, while the rest of my body was paralyzed in awe. I couldn’t even control it. ‘Twas like I was being transformed into something perversely different, but that I knew intimately.


La zia tettona si avvicinò e mi toccò. Il lardo dei suoi fianchi era evidente.

jiggly ocean

Io le guardai le tette ballonzolare in front of me, come delle borraccie piene di latte. Sgocciolavano, come dei catini che traboccano. Gliele strizzai un poco, e latte copioso ne uscì. “Come sei piena, ziona.”


I reached over to grab her butt. Carmela’s panties were sunk into her hips and I had to dig them out of the blubber. I felt like a sex slave two thousand years ago, exposed to Venus of Willendorf, Queen of Abundance and Goddess of Opulence, in the flesh. With her guidance, a group of women were about to perpetuate the ritual of life. I was a mere tool for their instincts.


Carmela turned around. Her exaggerated curves were even more staggering from behind. Her buttocks painted two massive mountains with a soft yet bulging profile. Her love handles were legendary, full of the most opulent cellulite.

Her maternal pear-glass was right there, at my disposal, as if I was a ship approaching the biggest port. The obesity of her thighs, together with the streaks of water oozing out of her made me feel like I was going to bathe in warm, buttery milk. I cupped her squishy hips, submerging my own hands into her flesh: it was warm, melted butter. She gently pushed herself against me, with the commanding weight of her beauty.

I slipped right in. “Culona, cicciona, fatti montare…”

I felt like a king. Complete. Here was a woman that was afraid of nobody, and happy to seduce anyone she wanted. I had been chosen. She was exposing how much control she had of my body.


I caressed her long fat thighs up and down, savoring the layers of lard that they were made of. I fondled her from above her knees up to the point where the hips meets the belly. That spot right there, between the groin and the full width of her hips was extremely generous in flesh. Carmela and I call those spots the “super-fat gulfs.” It’s there that fat accumulates first and then expands, bulging out with all its opulence. A deposit of meat of the richest texture. Left and right, so wide and squishy, these were the perfect places to rest my hands on as we mated. I think la ziona loved to be taken from behind. That’s why her body was so generous down there. And I loved to hold onto her like that. Feeling her true girth. I fianchi larghissimi, e le tette che ballonzolano sul davanti come una mucca… I could open my hands and squeeze her flesh like a sponge, because there was so much of it.

Pear Bottom n Slim Smack my Ass

The shelf of her ass was bouncing and shaking. It was splashing with big floppy sounds. I loved to feel that squishiness as it bounced. A skinny lady watched speechlessly as I enjoyed Carmela’s opulence: she couldn’t believe her eyes. Was I really super hard for all that fat? Carmela pulled away briefly, showing my grossly indecent erection as bodily juices were dripping everywhere. Amanda, the skinny lady with big boobs, reached over and touched my chest with the palm of her hand. She moved it down, toward my belly. She felt my blood throbbing in. Carmela slowly pushed back, taking me in again and gently smashing Amanda’s hand between my belly and her ass. Oh, the elegance and grace given by softness and weight. Amanda’s whole arm disappeared, submerged by Carmela’s giant buttocks. My penis expanded. Amanda s’illuminò d’immenso. She realized that there was space for everyone. Harmony. She fondled them too, squeezing them, savoring their softness with me. And then her hand touched mine, and I instinctively wrapped mine around it. She looked at me, and we kissed.

Amanda’s butt was much much smaller, but it was still curvy. I explored her body, caressing her here and there, squeezing the fleshiest parts. When I moved my hand away from her body and back on Carmela’s booty, she noticed how my whole body jerked and contracted in pleasure when I touched Carmela’s fat hips.


Carmela in the mean time had remained still, because that’s the power of the endowed, to be able to give pleasure without even moving. Tale era il potere della sua abbondanza.

But now she was starting to tease me, pulling away a bit every once in a while.

“Bella culona da monta, fatti strizzare.”

As she was moving away I tried to reclaim her, to keep her close to me. Like a hungry man to his meat.

She was happy to oblige.

She slowly backed up on me, simply pushing her huge butt against my body. Those very maternal hips looked enormous next to mine. Huge, four times wider. I claimed her. I rested my hands on top of her hips, around her waist. I dipped them into her lard and pulled. I entered her slowly, first making my way inbetween the abundant cellulite, then penetrating her properly. With my whole body. I felt warmth, burning from the inside without fatigue nor sweat.

Bella cosciona, bella cosciona da carne…” I could hardly breathe, the pleasure was so intense.

“He likes fat, my dear, look at how he’s enjoying my hips,” said Carmela talking to Amanda. She could be cruel when she wanted to.

But Amanda was getting visibly horny. She kept biting her lips and suckling on her own lips. She ran her hands along her hips, looking at me. She was almost dancing, as in a slow, controlled trance. Her panties dropped down and her blouse opened up.

“Impregnate me,” she whispered, showing off her large breasts.

Carmela quickly reacted. She pulled out and turned around to hug Amanda. They kissed passionately, running their tongues in circles and exploring their bodies. Carmela fingered her while Amanda was squeezing Carmela’s flesh. Such lust. It was like she never saw flesh before, and to some extent it was true: she never saw that much flesh. My hands spooned Amanda’s pendulous boobs, admiring the beautiful curves of her hourglass figure. In the background, Carmela’s “peared hourglass” provided an amplified backdrop of magnificence.

Amanda soon understood that I was ready to give her what she wanted. She put her hands around Carmela’s neck. Carmela — from her towering seven plus feet — lifted her up a bit with ease. Amanda invited me to take her from behind, primordially, like an animal. I grabbed her by her waist. She was a river.

As I was mating with her, I felt Carmela’s flesh jiggling all around me. Amanda was sandwiched between me and Carmela. It was a tight, three-way embrace. She was smashed against Carmela’s soft front, her head resting above her giant udders. I fondled her love handles as I pushed myself into her. My thrusts made Carmela’s boobs bounce and splash like crazy, submerging Amanda’s face.

She moaned and kissed Carmela’s breasts. “Come inside, I beg you! Come…. fill me up!” She was possessed.

I was just an instrument. A pawn that was there to provide semen. Not much more, but complete nonetheless.


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5 Responses to “OPULENZIA: the Thirteenth Chapter, or when Curves expose the Weaknesses of Youth”

  1. Femsup Says:

    The opulence and abundance and symbol of prosperity needs to be enjoyed universally by both men and women. Women have the same right to worship such divinity of fat. That she is not as abundant as the one she worships can often be changed when she herself takes on the responsibility of divinity.

    The world is big enough for the fattest woman.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Yes indeed, dear Femsup, the divinity of fat can be worshipped by anyone. When a woman chooses to become fatter, as a male I feel in awe and in love, wanting to care and provide for her. So that her hips can be bigger.

  3. Femsup Says:

    It is so profound when women choose to go against the tenets of society and decide to intentionally get much fatter. They must be supported and admired and worshipped.

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    Most definitely. Seeing thighs as fat as Carmela’s can cause a FA’s heart to stop and faint. But it’s also beautiful to have other people get accustomed to such opulence, to the difference in softness and squishiness compared to your average centerfold girl. I could massage her thighs for hours.

  5. OPULENZIA: the Twelfth chapter, or a Leap of Faith into the Heavenly Ocean | Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] stories about softness, opulence and wide jiggling hips « Do you want some fat? OPULENZIA: the Thirteenth Chapter, or when Curves expose the Weaknesses of Youth […]

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