The mountains of lard on Brie’s hips

Brie’s endowed with obese curves. Her hips are a mountain of cellulite.
They jiggle like waves in a pool.
Her lover can’t believe that he got so lucky.
He always dreamed about holding a giant pair of hips. And now he has all that fat in front of him. No muscular tone, just pure cellulite. It jiggles everywhere, the sex of opulence. Pillows of fat to lift and squeeze, and hold on during mating. She lays there, offering those heavy mountains of lard, knowing that’s all she needs to do. And then the bonus fat of her thighs, because despite all the creaminess of the hips, her thighs are padded columns of lust.

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6 Responses to “The mountains of lard on Brie’s hips”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Glad to see her mate worshipping her opulence with his body.
    This lass is gaining and attaining Goddess proportions and is to be commended for her determination to get fatter and be even more loved.

  2. Femsup Says:

    Gaining strength from their peers. All fat women together sharing highs and lows.

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Beccabae is not quite where the mature Brie is, but with her young age she will get there and beyond, possibly. Her backside and thighs look engorged with cellulite.

  4. Femsup Says:

    Brie might be taller and so might have a better ability to stack up that really heavy powerful fat. Though short women have that look of all the hugeness close together. You know a huge face above huge breasts by a huge belly above a huge mound above huge thighs.

  5. Femsup Says:

    Oh the hips. I think she might have caused a mischief to someone under her bottom and those magnificent hips.

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    I had missed this last photograph. Her generous curves of her hips are sure to drive men of all ages insane. The young horny teenagers won’t be able to control their erections, while their grandfathers will re-experience feelings they thought they had lost. E le sue coscione grasse sembrano dei prosciuttoni da mattanza.

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