Juicy Jackie is even bigger and softer!

Jackie takes her most recent measurements in her last video. It looks like she gained so much! Her face is fuller with cuteness, her belly’s a waterfall of overindulgence and her thighs are so huge and thick. Layers and layers of cellulite, bulging craters everywhere, generously exposed to the bystanders.

Not to mention that her hips outgrew the panties she’s wearing, that are easily sinking into all that creaminess.

Che bella grassona gonfia di lardo! Come vorrei palparti i fianchi…

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4 Responses to “Juicy Jackie is even bigger and softer!”

  1. Admire Jae’s cellulite up close | Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] Sensual stories about softness, opulence and wide jiggling hips « Juicy Jackie is even bigger and softer! […]

  2. Femsup Says:

    I like the bondage aspect too. Though one must always emphasise the dangers of putting a gorgeously obese woman on her front as regards breathing.

  3. andy scott Says:

    shes very beautiful im amazed at her size wow its very beautiful whats her hight thoe?

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    The size of her hips is astounding. And her thighs are replete with fat. Her height is in golden proportion to her girth.

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