QTPie more beautiful than before!

I love your shelf booty, QTPie! I do wonder about her measurements nowadays.

(photos are (c) qtpie.bigcuties.com)

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6 Responses to “QTPie more beautiful than before!”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Nice QT Pie I Love your Look Lady, you is my Exact TYPE of Fine Lady. 4-1-15…

  2. Femsup Says:

    The position of this lass reminds us that a fat woman has not only a fat soul but fat souls. Look at those to use a Cockney rhyming slang “plates of meat”. Her feet need to be just as big and padded and noble as the rest of her body.

  3. Femsup Says:

    Whether its a hefty bottom or smothering breasts they are complimented by the descending of a heavy sole of a foot upon the face.

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    The bulging of these goddesses’ hips means one certain thing: they live life to the fullest, indulging in every pleasures fate blesses them with. And they have been blessed many, many times. You can almost see their servant getting close to her to gently squeeze her hips. “Indulge in all these plates of meat, you bastards!” she yells. And they obey, like horny dogs. They’ve never seen this much abundance.

  5. Kim Says:

    I am normally not attracted to coloured ladies, but she is Gorgeous!

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