Ms Superdome Booty looking fantastic


She just looks incredible in this video at her website. My god, look at all that cellulite on those giant thighs….

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4 Responses to “Ms Superdome Booty looking fantastic”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Oh my word when she demonstrates the enormity of her heavy powerful thighs by lifting them up high. Superb.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    She lifts them up show how much fat she has down there. It is a n ocean. She knows few women are so endowed. And so she flaunts it, just like that. Flaunting cellulite is the best, most erotic and revolutionary thing that you can have a chance to witness.

  3. Femsup Says:

    In this anti fat climate a woman demonstrating her superiority through flaunting her fat is worth her considerable weight in gold.

  4. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Damn Goddess of Huge FAT Wide Hips ASS, Superdome I Jerry Gatlin am Truly Nuts Crazy over your Huge Wide Elephant ASS Lady Damn. 11.23.16…

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