The fat lady on the boat


I still remember the first time I was next to a fat lady like that. I was maybe 13, or 14. It was summer. We were on the beach and we had just embarked on a ferry that picked us up directly from the beach.

It was a medium boat, not too heavy. Once we reached the open sea we were rocking left and right, back and forth quite a bit. This turned out to be very important for me.

I had noticed the large curves of this lady. She looked like a matrona Romana, tall, with reddish curly hair, big boobs, long legs and huge hips. Her beauty made such a huge impression on me. My sexuality was still developing, of course, so I was very sensitive. I do think she changed me forever.

She was, wow. Unlike any other woman I had seen before. I was used to the high school girls: older teenagers than myself, but still teens. TV was not showing the kind of beauty in front of my very eyes. With all those curves and dimples and softness everywhere.

The abundance of flesh disoriented me. So much of it, especially on her thighs and hips. And she was wearing a bikini, despite the giant heaps of fat everywhere on her body, including her arms, waist, and legs, so not much was hidden.

I kept looking at her thighs. Each one was bigger than a whole prosciutto. Soft layers of cellulite covered them, with big craters on the sides and back.

And she looked so comfortable with it. I got hard ons the whole trip.

Then at one point I realized I was very close to her, without me really trying. Her long legs looked even fatter and softer. My hormones were fighting to just reach over and caress her there.

But I had an ally. The sea. The boat was now shaking back and forth, rocking pretty hard. It was difficult to stand still, and most people had gone sitting down inside. But not this grassona, together with this other group of people.

Then it dawned on me. I decided to stay as close as possible to her as I could. Then maybe the sea would off-balance me, making me bump into the fat lady’s very fat thighs! My innocent perverted mind saw no problems in this hope.

And shortly thereafter it happened. I still remember the feeling of my hands dipping into the fat lady’s hips. They were so incredibly soft. Like a bag of warm, liquid butter. She stepped to the side as well, and since i was already leaning toward her, I fell forward some more into the fatness of her hip. What a joyous pillow of lard it was.

She must have felt me (and my pervertedness too I assume), but she stayed there. She didn’t move away.

I stayed there as well, of course. I just waited for the next wave to shake the boat, and carry me into her softness one more time.

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18 Responses to “The fat lady on the boat”

  1. Femsup Says:

    What an exciting and beautiful remembering. She might well have appreciated the rocking of the boat and your ardour pressing against her. Her fat answers with its own waves of moving flesh.

    The picture of the woman in the bikini is so so sexy.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Roxxie’s soft hips are really fat. Well padded. She loves showing off her gorgeous cellulite.

  3. Ointment Says:

    Huge fan of this story. Just curious how is the next Opulenzia chapter coming? Love your stuff

  4. Femsup Says:

    This woman is controlling her males body just with the rocking of her hips and smothering him. Lovely to see.

  5. Femsup Says:

  6. Femsup Says:

    Yes of all the site in the world this one is written with the greatest poetry in the description of the fat women we love.

  7. fatcurvystories Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Next Opulenzia chapter is a little slow in the making…. but it’s going to come!

  8. fatcurvystories Says:

    Femsup, i just saw the snippet of video you posted. Yes, the woman is the queen, the supreme ruler. The overly abundant ocean of lard on her hips puts her in control. The waves are divine. When the wave of flesh splashes on her back, the male can feel the soft bump. If he were to slap her hips, his hands would be inundated by her copious flesh.

  9. Femsup Says:

    What a wonderful description. An inundation of flesh.
    This woman’s thighs are replete with every heavy nuance of flesh.

  10. Femsup Says:

    If times right the fat quakes could become recipricol a perpetual motion of fat.

  11. Femsup Says:

    The confident display of her wobbling abundant flesh is so pleasing to see. What man worth his salt would not want to bury his face in those cheeks both naked and clad as she goes up those stairs.

  12. Femsup Says:

    At each stage there is a nearly able to close those buttons.

  13. Femsup Says:

    You could hide a penis or a head in those folds.

  14. Femsup Says:

  15. fatcurvystories Says:

    Dear Femsup, the thighs of the lady in red that you showed us are indeed replete with fat. Now that she has accumulated enough cellulite, she is comfortable in flaunting it. Probably a sixteen year old male just passed by her spot, and she teased him by showing all that flesh.

  16. Femsup Says:

    Males must be caught young in order to indoctrinate them into the joys of the worship of fat women. Those thighs will soon be round his head.

  17. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Damn Big FAT Wide Hips Sexy ASS, Women keeps me Stone Crazy Turned ON, and Horny at my age of 63 Years old now Damn. 11.23.16…

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