Mara 38KK Winking Daisy

questa è proprio pronta da mungere
quella bocca e quelle mammelle gridano abbondanza

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4 Responses to “Mara 38KK Winking Daisy”

  1. maritoditettona Says:

    Molto di più!!!!!! Quelle tettone gridano: possedeteci, fateci di tutto

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      Vogliono essere strette, strizzate, palpate…. vogliono una bocca assetata da sfamare. Poi quando cammina si muove tutto, sembrano due palloni d’acqua pieni zeppi…

  2. Femsup Says:

    Stunning the way she emphasises the weight and length of her huge breasts at the 1.39 mark as her clothing is pealed from here sweaty heaving breasts.

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      They do look very heavy and full. She is aware of that look and she really shows it off. Like I was saying in Italian above, she also looks like she needs to be milked. She dangles her breasts like big fat udders full of milk.

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