OPULENZIA: the Eleventh Chapter

Zia Carmela's fat hips

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The day after, Carmela took me out to lunch. I woke up late, around 10:30AM, because I was still sore from all the passionate love of the day before. Carmela was already up when I walked downstairs and was having breakfast.

I just wanted to have a cup of coffee and some milk (rigorously whole, the only kind she would drink) while instead she was having a whole table filled with food. Fresh bread, butter, several kinds of jams, apple butter, bacon, eggs, cream cheese, French toasts soaked in syrup, whipped cream, orange juice, hot chocolate… Good lord! Who knows how long she had been eating. My fat aunt loved food.

ingrassati, ziona, ingrassati

As soon as she saw me walking down the stairs she smiled and waved a hand at me. She couldn’t talk because her mouth was full.

“Good morning, Zia,” I said, smiling back. “I see you haven’t lost the appetite!”

“Lost my appetite? After everything that happened yesterday, I need more food if anything! I need to keep my figure and my curves, since you seem to love them so much.”

After getting the most intense orgasms of your life from the fattest and sexiest woman on Earth, it’s nice to get a confirmation that that really happened.

As I was getting near the stove to warm up my milk, she got up to stop me. It was her house and she couldn’t let her guests do anything beside enjoying themselves. As she was bending over to get up, I noticed the giant breasts shaking inside the tank-top, overflowing it with ease. The girth of her mammaries pulled the top up uncovering the soft sensuality of her belly. The fabrics of her pajamas — some ridiculously short shorts — were strained to the seams by her very voluptuous hips, leaving her thighs completely bare.

“No, sit down! I’ll warm up your milk, don’t worry!”

To stop me, she walked toward me with all her luscious femininity and smothered me between her bulbous breasts, hugging me and kissing my head. “Let me take care of you, sweetie. Just give auntie a kissy and a huggy.”

ziona carmela tettona

I happily indulged on her abundant breast and hugged her back. I took comfort in feeling the massive girth of her giant hips, which really were a mountain of the purest, squishiest cellulite. I slapped my hands onto her ass, patting it and squeezing her flesh like a sponge.

le coscione della zia

We had coffee, pastries, bread, butter and jam. Carmela put a thick layer of butter on every slice of bread she had. And I lost count of how many she ate, but they were more than ten.

Carmela also indulged on her favorite, the cheesecake. Cheesecakes were one of Carmela’s favorite things at any hour of the day.

During the course of this breakfast she had five or six slices of cheesecake. Big ones. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” she always said. As she was eating, I kept lifting her skirt to massage her thighs. I loved to sink my fingers into her lard as she was eating. Occasionally I would tap her hugely protruding hips to gather the full quantify of meat she had. “Mangia, ziona, mangia…”

mucchi di lardo da palpare

We finished breakfast and then I went back upstairs to get ready to leave in a hour or so. I couldn’t believe Carmela wanted to leave for lunch so soon after the gigantic breakfast she had.

I undressed and got into the shower, taking my time and relaxing. I was still happy and in disbelief to be around such a sexy woman like Carmela. The weather was already pleasantly warm and so I left the window open to let the steam air out from the old-school unconditioned bathroom. For some reason, I love steamy showers even during summer.

After a while I heard the bathroom door open. It was my abundant aunt. She slowly opened the shower door to peak in. I turned around and looked at her smiling. She opened the door a bit more revealing the curves of her body. My body reacted the way you would expect, giving me that intense rush that only desire can give you. Her walking in — still wearing the tank top and the short shorts — together with the sight of her exaggerated hourglass jiggling everywhere, certainly didn’t help. She hugged me, enveloping me into her squishy curves, as her tank top got all wet.

la ziona entra nella doccia insieme a me

She let me play with her flesh as she laughed from the excitement of showering with your cloths on. She looked even sexier than ever, the shape of her giant boobs fully visible underneath the shirt and all the cellulite of her hips bursting out of her shorts.

Bella cosciona da carne, come sei bella, ziona. Sei grassa come una muccona, bellissima.

“Ha ha, you are so funny my dear, and so sweet! Oh, this feels so nice, honey…”

I guess she was referring to the water, but maybe she was also relating to my passionate fondling.

“Yes, it does feel nice,” I couldn’t avoid humping her.

“Here, let me help you…”

She finally removed her top, showing off her glorious udders. I dove into them like a fish in warm water and squeezed them around my head. Meanwhile she was trying to take off her shorts too, but that was somehow difficult because of how tight they were.

“Oh I am so fat! These shorts are so tight I can’t take them off! Did they just shrink overnight??”

No, cicciona, é che ti sei ingrassata… you grew overnight…”

Oh caro, forse… it was all that cheesecake!” She was bursting at the seams.

“You are so beautiful zia Carmela, look at all this fat you have on your hips…”


I slipped my hands inside her shorts to feel the pressure of all that fat onto my hands. My fingers immediately sank into the vast deposits of the purest cellulite you can find. No muscular tone, just a huge load of rich, super-squishy fat. It was incredible. I closed my palms, slowly, grabbing two chunks of lard. It was like dipping my hands in a bucket full of slices of mortadella, the kind that melts in your mouth.

“Lard… So much lard… Bella culona grassa, lardosa, cosciona bella grassa, quanta carne che hai, all this fat, so beautiful…”

My face was still submerged into her boobs. I kept squeezing her ass, but I think my move actually helped because she started using my arms as “levers” to push down the too-tight shorts. As she did that, I pulled one hand out and moved to the other side to watch the shorts dig into her flesh. They were digging in so deep that her cellulite was bulging like whipped cream on top of a cake. Plus, her struggle with the shorts made her whole hips and thighs jiggle everywhere.


But little by little, each fat roll bounced out of its “prison” and jiggled profusely as we lowered the shorts. Freed from the containing levee, I watched her gigantic hips emerge in all of their imposing glory, wider and fatter than I could have imagined.

‘Here, come closer to me now,” she said after putting her arms around my neck. “Just hug me tight, squeeze me,… push me.”

I smashed my head against her bulky boobs and reached for her waist the best I could.

“Here, don’t you want to grab my hips? Those big mountains of lard. Hug your auntie where she is really fat, yes, down there… can you even grab all of my hips? They keep getting fatter, strizzali, stringi il mio grasso, you like them this big, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, ziona, you are fat like the fattest cow, I love you so much,” I mumbled, “I really love all this fat.”

I leaned over and I slapped and lifted one of her gigantic hips. It was so heavy, and so much meat jiggled I couldn’t believe it. It was an massive heap of cellulite. I lifted and pushed all that flesh as if I was showing how fat she was to an imaginary audience.

“Yeah, that’s all fat, dear, lift it all up… there, some more… it’s a lot, right? Weigh it, like a big beefy steak… I am your meat market.”


I dropped the bag of lard of her hip, and quickly slapped both of my arms around her hips. Her right one was still jiggling from my fondling. My arms sank into her hips, which were so tall and bulging that my arms almost disappeared into them. I was squeezing as hard as I can, sometimes letting it go, to feel the weight of all that fat drop down on my hand. Then I’d grab it again, whispering love messages to her.

Bella muccona, zia, che bella muccona che sei, voglio aggrapparmi ai tuoi fianchi lardosi e palparti, voglio strizzare il tuo lardo, che bella mucca da carne che sei…

Ma anche da latte, my udders are full of milk, grab my hips while I feed you,” she ordered.

Getting her big plump nipple once more made me feel light headed, like the first time you get high. I felt my blood rushing down to my lower body. The fattest hourglass in front of me. It was pure, perfect bliss. I pushed myself against her, as if I was mating with her. Her milk was delicious and her breast was like a pillow. The wide load of her hips made me feel king of the world. I felt like I wanted everyone to see how lucky I was.

As I started coming Carmela hugged me even tighter, squeezing my body into hers. I fondled her hips as if they were huge mountains of meat, hugging them with my whole arms. I couldn’t hug all of her: it felt good to just stretch my arms as much as possible and still finding more soft flesh beyond that.

“I know you like my hips, hon, you like the meat… I have so much of it down there. Squeeze me, love your big auntie… I like it when you fondle me like a bag of meat, you are so bad… I’ll give you more, I promise. I want to get fatter… you like more fat, dear? Un po’ più di lardo sulle cosce, magari… They are only fiftyfive or so inches each, after all.”

As she was saying that she pushed me into her thighs, squeezing me into them. My spasms of pleasure were all contained into Carmela’s softness. I came while I was squeezing her fat, hugging her hips, my face buried into her cow-sized udders.

“Yes dear, I’ll get fatter, I want to fatten up my hips, more meat down there, more fat, m’ingrasso come una mucca, nutrimi, strizza la mia carne, ti piacciono le coscione della zia? accarezzale, pat them, caress them, feel how fat they are… Oh my, again, my dear? Here, I’ll hold you… hug auntie’s big butt, squeeze me.”

And we didn’t even have lunch yet.

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9 Responses to “OPULENZIA: the Eleventh Chapter”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Always an incredible read. She will get bigger won’t she there is no stopping her.

  2. Femsup Says:

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Carmela’s hips jiggle just like that, with all that meat that bounces and jiggles everywhere. Except she is taller and wider, so she has a “deeper” pool of squishy cellulite, so liquid it makes splashy sounds as she walks.

  4. Pito Says:

    wow great story, great work! When the next chapter?

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    hi Pito, next chapter is in the works, so keep stay tuned!
    BTW What was your favorite part of the story? I’m interested in getting feedback so that i know what Carmela can focus on… 😉

  6. Pito Says:

    I love how Carmela is so maternal and always wants to hug and feed with her incredibly huge breasts.
    Btw go on like that, everything is perfect!

  7. reginaldivey370 Says:

    I love you Divine Goddess, I worship Thee?

  8. fatcurvystories Says:

    Carmela is indeed a Divine Goddess, especially because of how maternal she is. She has giant breasts for her lovers, always replete with milk.

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