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Jackie would make a gorgeous belly dancer

February 19, 2014
Quando balla la danza del ventre, tutta la sua cellulite si muove come mare.

Quando balla la danza del ventre, tutta la sua cellulite si muove come mare.

The sensuality of her very generous hips, the abundant cellulite, the softness on her thighs… she would make a gorgeous belly dancer.

Sara Aikawa AV idol for bbw manga lovers

February 10, 2014

GigantessaIf you like animes, mangas or Japanese beauty in general, you’re in luck. Meet Sara Aikawa, generous giantess with a healthy derriere.

She appears in a few movies showing off her abundant curves to the world. She seems often involved with tiny skinny males who are half her size (and I literally mean half her “width.”) She dominates them, but is also capable of the most delightful sweetness cosciona piena di grasso, in calza a rete by letting her tiny admirers nuzzle into the copious rolls of her flesh. The elegance of her face, the beauty of her clean, soft lines are regally matched by her very opulent thighs. She just likes to eat and pack more pounds on her hips.

Her meaty thighs are the envy of many respectable Japanese family men. After the stress of a long work day, they long for the softness of Aikawa’s legs, and her cellulite in full display.

Yes, because when she accompanies her richer clients out in public, she never stops herself from wearing fishnets and very revealing skirts. She flaunts her big curves and all the dimples everywhere. And everybody looks and stares at all that beauty. She lets her partner touch her and squeeze her, hugging him into her wide bosom.



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