Juicy Jackie’s Mountains of Cellulite


Juicy Jackie’s ass is very beautiful. It’s full of big craters and dimples everywhere. The sign of amazing opulence. I wish I could reach over and fondle those huge deposits of lard. Or maybe pat them, squeeze them, slap them so i can see them jiggle everywhere. Their squishiness must be amazing. I love the tallness of those hips: they are like a mountain of the fattest meat.

Bella culona grassa, quanta bella carne lardosa, fatti palpare, tutta quella cellulite è bellissima, è una benedizione divina, ingrassati ti prego…

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2 Responses to “Juicy Jackie’s Mountains of Cellulite”

  1. femsup Says:

    One could lose a cock head in those deep craters. Really love the description of the height of her hips and they being like the most mountainous meat.

    This woman has thighs of extraordinary size in comparison to the rest of her body.


  2. Victor Says:

    I love Big Asses!

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