OPULENZIA: the Tenth Chapter


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I was still sitting down on the couch, my lap covered in a lake of Carmela’s healthy waters as well as my own semen. In front of me, the bottom-heavy hourglass of my aunt’s body.
She stepped back a bit after mating with me. Step after step, the squishy fat on her thighs and hips jiggled all over. The movements of her cellulite looked slower and deeper than before, as if mating with me made her meat softer. It was like waves in a sea of butter. Desiderio, voglia di succhiare. Her large breasts were still oozing milk.

I couldn’t stop looking at her legs. As I reached over to touch myself, she moved closer. She offered her thighs, one more time.

Stringimele,” she said.

I loved to grab her fat. I loved to fill my hands with it. She had so much of it.

She just stood there, as I fondled her as I wanted.  She loved to see me so aroused, I think. She indulged on another pastry. She was insatiable, that big piggy.

She lifted a leg and put her foot on the couch. The giant mass of her thigh was now right in front of me. It’s as if she said, “Here, take all of it!”

As she kept eating, I kept indulging on her flesh. The inside of her thigh was something unbelievably soft. It was going to melt in my hands, like the fattest mortadella.

“Do you like to touch my fat?”

I answered by squeezing her some more. My hands disappeared into her opulence.

Ora succhialo,” Carmela said.

I dived into her ocean of cellulite. I opened my mouth to suck on her thigh fat. The texture of her meat was buttery, silky like a big comfy pillow. I licked and suckled like a baby hungry for food, and she certainly was food for many horny males. I nibbled on her cellulite, squeezing it between my lips. I sucked on it, like sucking the juice from the juiciest watermelon.

Bella grassona, bella tanta…

“Oh yes, you are hungry, take my thigh, dear, take her.”

She grabbed another pastry. She put the other hand on her thigh and jiggled the mound of cellulite beneath it. At the same time she pushed her thigh toward me, making my head splash all the way into the inner part of it. A true Goddess, full of opulence and generosity. Willing to offer her abundance to the chosen mate.


Carmela turned around, bent over and rested her enormous derrière on my lap. Her huge buttocks slapped and bounced continuously as she settled on me. My cock jerked as her softness touched me. Her vagina was oozing so much lubrication that her thighs felt like an oil massage. They were the heaviest, smoothest silk.

“Oh, you like it, uh?” Carmela commented on my body’s reactions.

She rubbed herself on me in what basically was a fat lap dance. I admired the immense girth of those haunches, overflowing cellulite everywhere. I hugged them as much as I could, stretching my arms all the way to fondle the bulging pillows on the sides of her hips. I ran my hands up and down those giant balloons, squeezing and patting her fat ad libitum. As I patted her, my hand was easily sinking into her soft mounds.

Strati e strati di pura cellulite

“My hips keep getting bigger, see, all this fat… your friends don’t have anything like that, uh?”

The bulging piles of cellulite jiggled like an ocean of cream. Zia Carmela’s enormous hips, definitely more that one hundred inches of circumference, protruded widely all around me. She was built like a brick-house, or perhaps like a comfortable womb. She was the Amazonian Forest, the Andes, the most revered African deity. I dipped my hands into her vast valleys and filled them with her lard one more time.

“Yes, grab my hips, squeeze them hard!”

She spread her legs wide and jiggled her monumental ass on me. Her flesh slapped on my belly and chest, in tall splashy waves, on my lap, my legs and everything in between. These huge wide hips, kept going up and down, up and down. Each time, a hefty quantity of meat splashed down under its own weight, submerging my hands. Then it jiggled and bounced back up. And then again. She was so soft and heavy. I was buried under her fat. A slave with the fattest female.

Grassona, grassona, I love your fat, I love your lard, your mountains of meat, fat hips, tanta carne, bella culona…”

Strati e strati di pura cellulite “Every time I eat cheesecake, they get fatter, I swear… fatter and wider,” she said, patting on the side of her hip.

Her meat jiggled softly and slowly, like a great sea after a storm.

“Yes, fatten your big hips, ziona, do it for me…” My queen was more than a hundred inches and I was begging her to get fatter.

“Hmmm I love cheesecake, I love it so much…”

“Here muccona, eat some more, take this big slice.”

“Hmmm cheesecake! Yes, give it to me, give it to me…”

Aunt Carmela’s desire to get fatter was her motivation to move. She stood up, reached over, grabbed a giant slice of cheesecake and came back to me. As she moved, her hips jiggled all over. Quanto grasso, it was everywhere. Nonchalantly, she opened her legs around me, one leg on one side, the other on my other side, and then she relaxed her full weight on me. My erected penis fell somewhere into a soft and warm nest. I loved the heavy softness of her giant body.

I felt at peace. I watched her eat while I was kneading her doughy thighs. I gave my fat queen what she wanted, and now I had the chance to feel in heaven, surrounded by her.

When she finished, she focused my attention on me. She leaned over and hugged me to her big boobs. She put her cuddly arms all around me, widened her thighs and thrust her hips toward me. I held her by her hips as I was milking her. I felt enormous in the illusion of holding her, enormous and small, totally lost in her, totally dependent on her prosperousness. I hugged her fat curves close to me, as she bounced and jiggled her hips on me, taking me into her. She was slow, letting me savor every ounce of lard on her body.

culona dal culo grandissimo che scouts il suo lardo mentre si accoppia col suo compagno

I don’t remember when I came. Because when I did I was already at my peak, in heaven, surrounded by Carmela. Her flesh contained my spasms of pleasure with ease. It was such a long orgasm I don’t know when it stopped. After I came once, she kissed me, still keeping me inside her motherly hug. I could feel the lake of cellulite on her hips still jiggling and splashing, while she was smiling at me.

Ti piacciono i fianchi della zia, vero? They are so fat, full of lard, softness, carne… squeeze them, my dear, dig in…”

And so I kept coming, and coming, and coming. Her hips were too wide and too much an invitation to reproduction for me to resist.

After Carmela sucked me dry we went to bed together. She laid down like Venus, offering me the milk of her breast.


“Una bella mucca, pronta ad allattare,” pensai.

I passed the rest of day milking Carmela, cuddling and playing with her, fucking and coming and cooking and just spending the best quality time with her.

She had a lot to offer, and I guess I did too, although I am not sure what. My honesty and love, perhaps? In any case, and what truly matters is that this is the day when we became completely open to each other, without prejudices. This was my Summer of Love. Or better, the Summer of Fat Love. The first day left me sore, aware, empowered and incredibly horny at the same time. It is a sensation that I will never forget.

When I fell asleep, I knew the days that followed were not going to be boring.


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4 Responses to “OPULENZIA: the Tenth Chapter”

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  2. Andrew Says:

    Best chapter to date. Can’t wait for more. You are a genius. In a previous chapter Carmela hinted that she wanted to take him out on the plaza so he could play with her meat in public and they can have fun with some of her opulent friends. Hope to read about that in future episodes of this epic saga. Only you could make an orgy with super obese ladies one of which being the protag’s aunt a classy and beautiful affair. You are the mozart of literary erotica.

  3. femsup Says:

    I agree what a tour de force. The best description of the enjoyment of a huge fat woman. I am drowning in your words as surely as the male drowns in the flesh of his Aunt Carmela

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