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The Fat and Soft Beauty of Japan

October 13, 2013


Her mammaries are soft and bulky. They are meaty, and the cuteness of her Japanese features exudes sex. Is she a top executive in need of some love, or perhaps a high rank nanny, offering her goods?

She looks like she could be out of a manga or a anime, with her silky skin and pronounced curves.

Her breasts are 144cm, her waist is 85cm, and her hips are a nice 121cm. In inches that’s 57-33-48.

She shows you her big boobs. She gained weight recently, more flesh.

She wants to feed you. “Succhiami le tette, succhiami le tette,” she says.

You grab one giant boob and you pour it on your lips. The soft flesh drips into your mouth. You suck it in, milking her like a hungry teenager. You suckle her teat like a baby, slurping her copious milk.

You become a child again, nuzzling your face between her giant boobs.

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