Xutjja’s very fleshy thighs

(photo is (c) Xutjja)

I recently discovered SSBBW’s Xutjja and I fell in love ever since. First of all she is smart. I had the chance to correspond with her briefly and I it was super-nice to talk to her. Follow her Twitter feed and Tumblr, and DeviantArt. Second of all, she is a feedee, or a gainer if you prefer that term. And third, well, she is already huge! I don’t know her exact measures unfortunately. But I’m sure you would agree with me when I say she is very abundantly endowed.

Her thighs are gigantic. Pure deposits of cellulite, bulging all over with layers upon layers of the creamiest meat. Beautiful meat. The one you want to tap and squeeze for hours. Knee it like dough. So much flesh. She has so much fat on those thighs that they look like two huge pillows. You can picture yourself digging your entire face in them. Your entire head. It’s all so soft.

And then you look at the bag of fat below her thigh, at the mound above her knee, at the depth of her flesh, how easy the fingers sink in.

All of a sudden you want to mate. You feel her, her skin, her beauty. She tells you she gained recently. You can picture her, eating a large portion of fettuccine all’amatriciana, in a down-to-earth Italian restaurant. She is wearing a miniskirt that does nothing to hide her healthy curves. You can see big cellulite dimples beneath her tight dress. Every man in the restaurant can’t help to look at her. Her skirt pulled up when she tried to cross her legs. Teenagers look at her long, fat legs. Men look at her dimples and layers of cellulite. None of them ever saw so much flesh, so many curves.


As she eats she tells you that that pasta and that guanciale fat she is eating is all going to go right here, on her fattening thighs. She taps on them, they jiggles all over, and you believe her. She lets you caress them as she eats. She loves to heat.

In the new video she sits on a stool and she squeezes her thighs and hips. You can see her hand sinking into her soft inner thighs. Huge rolls of pure cellulite, I’m talking handfuls of flesh. The hips part of the video is even more impressive. I’m looking at it right now and I am overwhelmed. The side and 45 degree angle views are simply amazing, a gorgeous display of classic opulence. The gentle lighting highlights beautiful ripples of the most decadent fat.

Her hand sinks right into her hips, grabbing chunks of lard. She is FAT. You can almost feel the softness and juiciness of her curves on your lips. They are so big and deep.

I’d love to squeeze those mountains of beauty. Massage them, feel the flesh between my fingers. Bring her more food, of excellent quality. The purest of butter. The fattest cuts of salame, prosciutto, mortadella. Measure her. Adore her hips and thighs.


Then feed her some more.

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3 Responses to “Xutjja’s very fleshy thighs”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Hope this video is new to you.

  2. Matt Says:

    Ok, Diva has wider hips of all, but it hasn’t a nice booty in my opinion… is not round and prominent.

    FCS, i see you’re on BigCutie Eve’s Blog… I’d like some history on her, since she is little publicized on the web. For me it is one of SSBBW discover for this year, absolutely a true beautiful goddess.

    Currently, BigCuties has a lineup to scream…

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Oh I just mentioned her in another thread… she is indeed magnificent. I need to come up with a good post about her too.

    Speaking of Xutjja here though, I wanted to remark how fat she is. Her hips are really full and her thighs are packed with the richest cellulite… I’d love it if she squeezed her hips a little more, actually for minutes… I find them so beautiful.

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