Oh, abundant big thigh lady…


oh cosciona grassa… now that’s a thigh. Round and full of fat. So much fat that one thigh is bigger than the rest of her body. She’s showing her huge thigh to let you admire how fat she is. How fat she got. You should nourish her, and massage her giant legs. That huge slab of cellulite.

I wonder what’s your name, beautiful legs lady, so sensual and mysterious. And so well endowed. An abundance of curves, abundance of beauty. Abundance of thigh. What’s your name, bellissima cosciona?

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3 Responses to “Oh, abundant big thigh lady…”

  1. northern goddess Says:

    It’s the beautiful Martina Velarde from Barranco’s women: in my opinion, the most outstanding of all his models.

    Unfortunately, Barranco’s site seems to be not accessible right now:

    I hope Mr. Barrancos did not give up. Anyway, Martina was also featured on Southerncharms.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Thank you Northern Goddess! Too bad about Barrancos, I remember his site, it was great.

    Martina Velarde! Bellssima. Here’s her Southern Charm website:

  3. Fatfun Says:

    Thighs like from heaven !

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