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Xutjja’s very fleshy thighs

July 20, 2013

(photo is (c) Xutjja)

I recently discovered SSBBW’s Xutjja and I fell in love ever since. First of all she is smart. I had the chance to correspond with her briefly and I it was super-nice to talk to her. Follow her Twitter feed and Tumblr, and DeviantArt. Second of all, she is a feedee, or a gainer if you prefer that term. And third, well, she is already huge! I don’t know her exact measures unfortunately. But I’m sure you would agree with me when I say she is very abundantly endowed.

Her thighs are gigantic. Pure deposits of cellulite, bulging all over with layers upon layers of the creamiest meat. Beautiful meat. The one you want to tap and squeeze for hours. Knee it like dough. So much flesh. She has so much fat on those thighs that they look like two huge pillows. You can picture yourself digging your entire face in them. Your entire head. It’s all so soft.

And then you look at the bag of fat below her thigh, at the mound above her knee, at the depth of her flesh, how easy the fingers sink in.

All of a sudden you want to mate. You feel her, her skin, her beauty. She tells you she gained recently. You can picture her, eating a large portion of fettuccine all’amatriciana, in a down-to-earth Italian restaurant. She is wearing a miniskirt that does nothing to hide her healthy curves. You can see big cellulite dimples beneath her tight dress. Every man in the restaurant can’t help to look at her. Her skirt pulled up when she tried to cross her legs. Teenagers look at her long, fat legs. Men look at her dimples and layers of cellulite. None of them ever saw so much flesh, so many curves.


As she eats she tells you that that pasta and that guanciale fat she is eating is all going to go right here, on her fattening thighs. She taps on them, they jiggles all over, and you believe her. She lets you caress them as she eats. She loves to heat.

In the new video she sits on a stool and she squeezes her thighs and hips. You can see her hand sinking into her soft inner thighs. Huge rolls of pure cellulite, I’m talking handfuls of flesh. The hips part of the video is even more impressive. I’m looking at it right now and I am overwhelmed. The side and 45 degree angle views are simply amazing, a gorgeous display of classic opulence. The gentle lighting highlights beautiful ripples of the most decadent fat.

Her hand sinks right into her hips, grabbing chunks of lard. She is FAT. You can almost feel the softness and juiciness of her curves on your lips. They are so big and deep.

I’d love to squeeze those mountains of beauty. Massage them, feel the flesh between my fingers. Bring her more food, of excellent quality. The purest of butter. The fattest cuts of salame, prosciutto, mortadella. Measure her. Adore her hips and thighs.


Then feed her some more.

Pretty and wide

July 16, 2013

(photo is (c)

I love how pretty Mae looks here.
Her imposing yet welcoming opulence — the wide hips, the meaty legs, the bulging curves — makes you want to hug her, sinking your fingers into her soft flesh.

Big fat legs in San Jose, and the pride of showing off your huge cellulite dimples

July 14, 2013

(photo is (c) Velvet D’Amour — check out Vol-Up-2 too!)

I was hanging out with a friend in San Jose (CA) last Friday evening, and I was surprised by how many attractive BBWs were out and about. The warm (but not super-hot) weather, with a nice lovable breeze, was probably involved. Having lived there for a couple years some time ago though, I didn’t remember this amount of beauty!

Downtown San Jose, and in particular San Pedro square, was beautiful. Many bars and pubs open full of people having a beer, talking and listening to music (including live music),and just having a good time.

I was at the Old Saloon and these two beauties walk in. They were thick and full of curves, with their big boobs and wide hips. One of them had her breasts bouncing as she was walking. But her legs were even better, bursting at the seams of the tight jeans. One girl had a shirt with a sexy cut on the side of the shoulder, revealing some of her softness. Not to mention the cleavage, which was generous. Most of all, I loved how comfortable they were with their big sexy bodies. It’s so great to see that!

After a beer I walked out of the saloon with my friend. We were chatting, and at some point I turned to the side toward the street. There, I saw a girl pedaling in the opposite direction on a bicycle. I can sort of see curvyness for some reason, even when I’m not really looking. I think I have a kind of “curv-dar”.

So I turn my head toward her, and I immediately notice her big legs. She is wearing a skirt, who is not doing a great job at covering her, I must say. Then, as she’s pedaling, a puff of wind blows her way. The light silky skirt she’s wearing flies around amiably, revealing the full girth of her thighs. My heart skipped a beat. They were huge! Long, thick and FULL of cellulite, with beautiful massive craters. Right there, for everyone to see! Oh, did I mention her legs were bare? No stockings to conceal the decadent fat and its glorious charm.

My jaw drops and my mouth waters. The wind pushes the skirt up, all the way up to her hip. I can see the bulging curves of her maternal pear shape in all its glory. The beautiful bumps of fat in the soft shadows of dusk. The copious jiggling caused by potholes on the street. Her hair flying in the wind, careless, with the classic look of her cocktail dress! She is an expression of beauty and generosity, sexual freedom and emancipated lust.

And then something magical happens. As she reaches with her hand to grab the rebel skirt to at least try to cover some of her bulging meat, she turns her head and… she looks at me! She sees me staring at her magnificent fat leg and she smiles. I melted right there.

And there it is, public display of cellulite, the pride of being what you are and just going with it, with the grace of a goddess. I wanted to run after her and wrap my body around her legs and adore her, singing songs to her opulence.

Oh, abundant big thigh lady…

July 13, 2013


oh cosciona grassa… now that’s a thigh. Round and full of fat. So much fat that one thigh is bigger than the rest of her body. She’s showing her huge thigh to let you admire how fat she is. How fat she got. You should nourish her, and massage her giant legs. That huge slab of cellulite.

I wonder what’s your name, beautiful legs lady, so sensual and mysterious. And so well endowed. An abundance of curves, abundance of beauty. Abundance of thigh. What’s your name, bellissima cosciona?

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