Oh My Giantess Jae!


This photo really shows off Jae’s incredible fatness and how comfortable she is with it. Her boobs are bulging out of her bra; her belly covers her panties; and her thighs are covered by multiple layers of pure cellulite. Her long legs are never-ending.

And so she stands up, arching her bust like a Goddess, putting the giant girth of her thighs in our faces. She knows she has more meat and more curves than most girls. Her copious cellulite almost pops out of the screen, with all those dimples and magnificent craters.

Jae, I wish I could reach you and caress you, massage the flesh on your thighs, for hours and hours.

And I hope you wear skirts often because legs like yours are to die for.

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6 Responses to “Oh My Giantess Jae!”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Yes those rimpled and dimpled cellulite laden thighs can never be mapped. Once you have traced their contours with fingers, tongue or penis they will have changed as she gets fatter. An ever changing experience.


  2. biackrlng Says:

    Beautifulll Jae I remember her first post on YouTube when she was a mere 330 pounds and then she thought she was fat. After she gained her confidence look at what she has done.SHe has gained 200 pounds and now shows off her 500Plus body with confidence. I am so happy to see how happy she looks in her pics and videos.

    Good Luck in the future Jae

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    hey blackring, is she really 500+ ? I thought she was around 470..

  4. biackrlng Says:

    I believe she said it in a recent video. I was Floored myself.,because like you I thought she was around 450 or so

  5. Matt Says:

    Without a doubt one of my favorites along with Mary BoBerry. My two favorite white goddesses… so damn seductive.

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    Matt, if you like them, you might also like Big Cutie Eve, check her if you haven’t already: http://eve.bigcuties.com The most incredible thing is that she is 6 feet and 500lb+….

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