DeDeDeRenne’s opulence

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(image is (c) DeDe_DeRenne)

DeDeDeRenne, allow me to say you are very beautiful.
Your stare is what gives intensity
to a fire of opulence
the hint of a smile on a hot
lips that can give life
I’d love to be hugged by you
the cuddly arms and generous breast pressed on my chest
all the buttery softness
that’s what keeps a man alive
day after day
how can men not lust about you?
it doesn’t matter if it’s a sin
I will always desire to bow
my head into the center of one breast
and suckle the creamy flesh
into my mouth

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9 Responses to “DeDeDeRenne’s opulence”

  1. DeDeDeRenne Says:

    Reblogged this on DeDe DeRenne's Place and commented:
    I’m speechless

  2. DeDeDeRenne Says:


  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    I’m glad. You inspire songs, beautiful thoughts, and kisses after a nice dinner. Slow, long kisses.

  4. sam Says:

    Could I stick my head between your tits!!!!!!!

  5. Wilfredo Miles Says:

    Keep dreaming about walking next a jiggly mountain like Valerie or Asshley , and please show your love for stories about fat, beautiful, cellulite-ridden curves and stories about them by becoming a fan of Fat Curvy Stories on Facebook !

  6. Elena Rush Says:

    As he’s seduced by those curves, she bends over a bit and smothers his body gently, against the wall. She has so much padding it’s like a caress. His erected penis in particular pushes against her watery opulence and disappears in it. Her fat is heavy and beautiful. It keeps moving, and bouncing, and moving, and massages him. The bubbles of cellulite are visible through her dress. Soon he comes, holding onto the girth of her massive hips.

  7. Femsup Says:

    DeDedeRenne has made a video saying hello to various acolytes of hers including me. She has great intelligence and as you say such an opulent body.

  8. DeDeDeRenne’s opulence | DeDe DeRenne's Place Says:

    […] DeDeDeRenne’s opulence. […]

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