Tokyo Rose 2: thighs you can grab onto

(image is (c) bighotbombshells)

I keep looking at Tokyo Rose’s thighs. She must have the fattest thighs I’ve ever seen. She is tall (5’9″), too, so her proportions are truly amazing. She has really long, fat thighs. What’s their measures? 45″ each perhaps?

I love that when she goes doggie style her huge fat thighs protrude so much. I can see myself behind her, grabbing the meat in front of her thighs, fondling it with gusto as I make love to her. I would just adore those fat rolls of pure cellulite all the time. You know, I would slap your big thigh a bit, just to see it jiggle and to feel its softness. A slap and a grab, and then a bigger grab, or even just opening my palm on that huge, soft mound of meat. Holding on to that abundance as I push myself in. There’s so much to grab on those thighs, my dear. I mean, come on, do you caress your own thighs when you’re about to come? Hey if you do, I would understand!! How can you not, really? 🙂

Your curves can resuscitate the dead!

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One Response to “Tokyo Rose 2: thighs you can grab onto”

  1. Femsup Says:

    This woman’s individual buttocks are like planets. They just draw the face in.

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