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Ecco, brava Roxxie, ìngrassati,… ìngrassati…

April 30, 2013
roxxie fattening up

roxxie fattening up

(photo via Roxxie’s Tumblr)

Tap Jae’s hips

April 28, 2013


I just really wanna tap the top part of her hips.
Pure cellulite.
Must be amazing to see it jiggle.
Put a hand there and squeeze, gently
the soft fat melts in your hands
Rich, delicate

I wish Jennie made a movie where she squeezes her own hips

April 14, 2013

Image is (c)

Like really fondle her hips and thighs, massage them, caress them, then tap the top of her hips and make it jiggle. She lets it jiggle freely and naturally. Then taps again harder, or some lover lifts her huge balloons of fat on her hips and drops them. A seaquake of cellulite.

Then digs in hard, the whole hand. Jenni grabs a chunk of fat from the top of her hips or front thigh, and squeezes it like a wet sponge. Like a sponge soaked in water. She indulges in her abundance…

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