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OPULENZIA: the Ninth Chapter, where the Hungry Male is Enraptured by the Very Fat Goddess

February 11, 2013

Jenni's fat hips

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I hugged her hips. Her big, comfy hips. They were wide, inasmuch as I could barely reach their ends. She had mounds of flesh bulging sideways and protruding in the back. I cupped some of that, a giant lump that was bigger than a football. Zia Carmela smiled. She knew nobody had curves like hers.

She was on top. In front of such opulence, I did what any man would do: I opened my hands as much as possible and smashed ’em on her big hips. I pushed her pillows of flesh one against each other. They felt like mountains of cream, and they were heavy despite their amazing softness. A ton of cream is still a ton of cream after all.

“You love Auntie’s big hips, dear, don’t you? All that flesh, so squishy, and fat…”

Those lumpy balloons of cellulite belonged to someone who lived life to the fullest, dedicated to pleasure without restraints. I could tap anywhere on her derriere and be sure to find a healthy layer of meat. It was impossible to feel her bones.

Perhaps, unbeknownst to her, the reason why she had hips so large was a gift from Mother Nature to allow her to select the best partner and make the mating more prosperous. Naturally the most passionate lovers would flock to her, their reproductive instinct stimulated by the overly opulent motherly figure. She was endowed with big breasts and wide hips. But to make things worse (or better, for her lovers), she was also given the gift of gluttony. And so instead of toned buns, Carmela developed bulging curves of cellulite, and she used them to attract her partners.


I loved that she didn’t seem to care how hard I was smacking her lard. It’s not that I was hitting her by any means, but I just couldn’t resist the urge to fondle her hips with passion. Their softness was sexual. “Let’s stay inside and cuddle, eat and mate,” you would think after seeing her curves. I could live inside those doughy mounds forever. Her hips were like comforting winter blankets.

“Cover me with your warmth, ziona…”

My movements followed the remembrance of a feeling I first experienced in my childhood: the sound of my hands splashing in the water. I always loved it. Dipping in, creating a delicate massage of waves all around my body. That’s how Carmela felt like. A giant lake. Squishy softness, everywhere I moved my hands. Big, fat breeding hips. Super-meaty buttocks. Cellulite for the whole winter.

(this image is (c) Southern Charms/Cajun Big Ez)

“Nice meat…”

Ecco, bravo, squeeze me some more. I got fatter… my hips and thighs especially, look at them, all that fat…. yeah, squeeze, indulge. Dig in. Palpa il mio lardo. Ti piace tutto ‘sto grasso? Bravo, stringi, palpa cocco della zia, palpa, sei proprio affamato, eh? Ecco, tieni, ho più di due metri e mezzo di fianchi, tutti di grasso. La Zia s’e’ ingrassata apposta, lo sai… I got this fat just for you, my dear… just for you. I wanna give you all my meat, all this for you. Il mio culone, le mie cosce, le coscione della zia. Squeeze my hips, do you like them this big? You know, I can feel that you do. How hard are you gonna get? You never felt that much meat around you, did you? Just take it, yeah, take it, like that….”

I squeezed her hips as if they were two giant pizza doughs . They felt like balloons full of buffalo mozzarellas. The whole milk kind, buttery, healthy. Butter, lard. Opulence.

She looked at me. She lifted her bust up a bit, my face still surrounded by her large saggy boobs. And from inside that pool of boobs I watched her. She bent over a bit more to reach a box which I think had been sitting next to the couch this whole time. It held cream doughnuts and danishes, stacked one on top of the other to fill the box to capacity. She leaned on one knee in order to reach the box, not without some effort because of her size. During this rather encumbered motion her buttocks and thighs bounced and jiggled like pudding. My cock was buried under her warmth, my hands were still engulfed inside her hips. I felt like I was holding this huge Cow Goddess by the fattest part of her body, fucking all the meat she had to offer. I couldn’t believe it. Mating with an obese Aphrodite. It was incredible. How could a woman get this fat? I squeezed her and humped her, as a way of thanking her.

“Grassona, grassona, cicciona, bellissima…”

She took a cream filled danish. I felt like she just wanted to answer my question.

“Here, do you want more hips? I’ll have one of these pastries. It looks so buttery, I think it will go straight there…”

I looked at her. She was salivating over the doughnut as it approached her mouth. That’s why I loved her so much. She was so hungry all the time.

3.Jenni (34)
(this photo is (c) Big Hot Bombshells)

Yes. Carmelona was getting fatter right on top of me.

Mangia, zia, mangia… mangia tanto, ingrassati…

She ate slowly, savoring every bite while I was fondling her hips and thighs. At the same time she was shaking the mountain of flesh on top of her booty. Her free hand was squeezing her own thigh.


SSBBW Candi ultra-wide hips!

February 3, 2013

Questa e` proprio da mettere lì e ingrassare a più non posso. Con quella vita così stretta una bella dieta ingrassante non può che farle bene.

Poi una così secondo me è da scopare quotidianamente. Possibilmente nutrendola allo stesso tempo.

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