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Your favorite kind of videos: Big Breasted BBWs wearing a small bra.

August 12, 2012

In 2011 we had a poll about your favorite kind of Big Breasted BBW Video. While the results have been known for a while to those paying attention, I never actually acknowledged them! Let’s go over them, shall we?

Allora, the favorite kind of video was established to be the one where a big breasted BBW wears a bra that’s too small, with 28% of the votes.

Small bras on BBWs look wonderful because they make all that wonderful milky softness shine in its magnificent creaminess. Plus, being pushed up, it’s really easy to have it jiggle like an ocean.

Which brings me to the second place: “Big Breasted BBWs wearing a big shelf-bra, making their fat boobs look like a vast jiggling ocean,” which received 20% of the votes. This kind is a favorite of mine, because a jiggly paradise is one of the most sensual and beautiful sights that a man (or a woman!) can see. But for some reason it’s hard to do well on video. I think MsDawnP made one of the best videos of this sort, which you can find at her own website. She definitely has the body for it, with all that succulent flesh amassed in those big udders. If I could, I would grab one of her huge breast with both my hands, and adore it for a day straight. And the way MsDawnP jiggles it makes you wanna reach over and feel all that softness on your lips, and between your fingers.

You’re going to see waves all over

In third place, “BBBBW dancing, huge boobs jiggling and bouncing“, with 19% of the votes. Perhaps this reminds or evokes images of what you would get if you were to receive a lap dance from a big breasted BBW. A lot of bouncy squeezable beauty.

A close 4th, my absolute favorite: “BBBBW walking fast toward the camera, boobs jiggling everywhere (sea quake),” with 18% of preferences. Here’s the best example I have ever found of this kind:

I believe that’s Sofia Rose, a truly amazing beauty, and I just ADORE the way she storms into the scene and proudly flaunt her amazing curves, in all their gorgeous squishiness and softness. It’s so beautiful and erotic. MsDawnP again has a couple good videos of walking toward the camera, but I wish she would storm in like Sofia… with curves and boobs like Dawn’s, one could only guess how incredible it would be!!

And finally, in 5th place, “Big breasted BBW walking slowly toward the camera, jiggling boobs (small waves).” Hard to find too, and perhaps more intimate.

Thanks for voting!

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