Ma perchè non si vedono piu’ spesso spettacoli così in TV? Una bella grassona che balla, con la cellulite in evidenza? Quando entra in scena lei, saltando, e con il lardo che balla tutto, la ballerina magra proprio scompare.

The opulence of her curves obscures the skinny dancer. I really love how fat her thighs are, and how she shows them off. Her hips, overflowing above her pants, beautifully jiggle all over the place.

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3 Responses to “SSBBW on TV…”

  1. Claudio Says:

    Davvero notevole, sarei curioso di sapere chi è…

  2. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Boy I Jerry Gatlin cant seem to get Enought of looking at Big Pretty Ass Women in my Mid Life Time at age 62 Years old right now. 5.29.16…

  3. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    So very nice, and Perfect to see in my Life Time, while I still Live, to see SSBBW’s on TV and other Media I Truly Loves FAT Women so MUCH. 9.12.16…

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