Who can recognize these wonderful fat thighs?

beautiful amount of cellulite

beautiful, beautiful cellulite

Do you know who these pillars of beauty belong to?
(Hint: they got more and more beautiful, recently)

Sapete riconoscere la grassezza di queste cosce, piene di cellulite?

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10 Responses to “Who can recognize these wonderful fat thighs?”

  1. northern goddess Says:

    Gorgeous thighs!

    About the question, well, I understand that cropping the watermark out isn’t a fair habit, but this time…

  2. andy Says:

    Ms. Dawn?

  3. Andrew "The Fly In The Ointment" Ackner Says:

    I give up! The thighs remind me of the lovely thighs of Big Cutie AnnMarie but those ankles aren’t her ankles. Whose are they?

  4. Goldberg Says:

    Ms Dawn P

  5. Mario Rossi Says:

    Dawn Perignon, riconosciuta dai piedi!

  6. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    So Nice Ms Fine Lady I Truly Loves FAT Thighs I Loves a Whole lot of Meat on my Stick ok. 5.29.16…

  7. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    So Sorry cant Recognize them Huge Meaty Thighs, but I know they are Beautiful for me. 11.23.16…

  8. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    I do not know whos Big Pretty Legs, these are, but I sure do LOVES, them Very MUCH, I know this. 3.21.18…

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