Chatting with Jade 125Q (my first cam session!)

Jade's beautifully enormous cleavage

Jade is available on Yahoo at plump_and_pretty! Just send her a message plump_and_pretty at yahoo dot com!
She is also available at

Today I had my first online cam session. As my first date, as my “nave scuola” as we say in Italian, I chose a girl with gigantic breasts and a very sweet, welcoming smile. I felt the need for the comfort of a very large, extra soft bust. Maybe because of its protective nature, maybe because it was like my first time. I chose Jade, aka Jade 125Q, aka Big Cutie Belle.

And Jade didn’t hold back. She accommodated my requests with grace. With a beauty like hers, I asked her to walk toward the camera to show me how they jiggled. She had a corset that squeezed her boobs together, making them look like a giant pool of boobs, right in front of me. She must get so many stares with a cleavage like that. She reminded me of Carmela, honestly. She stepped back, to show me how beautiful her whole self was. I couldn’t stop saying wow. She has indeed some generous hips and a round belly too, even if nothing is as fat as her giant boobs. Her boobs just stand out and protrude immensely.

As she walked toward the camera, her boobs jiggled all over. She sat down, bending over profusely, for my viewing pleasure. I obliged in more compliments. She opened her corset a bit, and I asked to squeeze her breasts really hard. I wanted to see her fingers going into all that beauty, I just love that sight! Boy, she is so abundant up there. Her fingers sank in, digging in the oozing flesh. Magnificent. I love it when SSBBWs are bold with their curves and show them off.

Jade starting pulling her breasts to the side and then splashing them down...

She opened her corset some more. More boob goodness expanded and rolled out: at this point she was showing a real ocean of flesh. And then… she started doing something that drove me crazy. She gently put her hands in her cleavage and pulled her boobs away from the center, as if she was making space for my head between those giant mammaries. And then splash, she released them, letting them plop down against each other. Ripples of the fat boob flesh splashed down like slow, heavy waves. Then their natural bulging shape reconstituted itself, and she looked again like a sweet, wholesome, extremely endowed girl. As soon as I saw her doing so, I kept aasking for more, and more and more… until my chips ran out. My god, what a sight!

I chatted with her after the show, and she told me there’s a deal going on: if you do it on Skype or Oovoo, it’s $30 for 1 hour show, or $100 for a month of unlimited shows. You heard that right. Unlimited boob shows for a month! To participate in this amazing boob deal, contact Jade yourself on yahoo as plump_and_pretty at yahoo dot com! I promise you won’t regret it!

She is also available at but I recommend to contact her directly because you get MUCH better quality video and better value, and it’s a lot cheaper. Plus, the money goes all to her, not to third parties. As I said earlier, just massage her. I mean, message her… although Jade, I wouldn’t mind massaging you at all!!

Overally I was really pleased. Jade cared about me and she showed me what I wanted. I will be thinking at her giant breasts bouncing against each other often during the next few days!

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3 Responses to “Chatting with Jade 125Q (my first cam session!)”

  1. Andrew "The Fly In The Ointment" Ackner Says:

    (GROAN) how’s part 8 of Opulenzia coming dude?

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Ouch! I’m getting close, I swear!
    (really sorry for the delay… hopefully you won’t be disappointed.)

  3. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    I This Ms Jade I Jerry Gatlin, Truly Loves, your Huge Meaty Titties. 11.23.16…

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