The meaty thighs of Bigcutie Echo!

Pure cellulite!!
(photo is (c)

I just discovered her. My god is she exuding lust and beauty with those huge thighs.

Her legs are decadent cream. Layers upon layers of lard, like a huge pile of mortadella. With a mouth like that, I imagine her lover feeding her while he fondles her thighs.

How large do her hips measure? Her thighs? From her wishlist we can see she wears 5X dresses, so we can only dream.

Regardless, she is very well nurtured indeed. Even Asshley looks small next to her… well, kinda! (Not that Asshley is any less beautiful, by the way!)

Asshley's ginormous ass looks small compared to Echo's

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4 Responses to “The meaty thighs of Bigcutie Echo!”

  1. bbwlover57 Says:

    Oh my God you Women always keep me Highly Excited over your Pretty Faces and Pretty Bodies oK Dang. 12-28-11.

  2. Johnny Dibbs Says:

    OMG!! You are Soo right Look at how small Asshely looks next to Echo. Incredible Beauty

  3. BBW Loving Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Jesus Thank You BBW’s n SSBBW’ for Cumming out of the Closet showing us BBW Loving Men what you All are working with oK. 2-10-14…

  4. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    So Nice, So Perfect for me, I want to hear from you Ms Echo I want to Male Model with your very Pretty Fine Sexy ASS ok. 11.23.16…

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